Mitchell Trubisky Found Out About the Khalil Mack Trade…From His Mom

Without a doubt, the Khalil Mack trade will go down in Chicago sports history as one of those “you’ll always remember where you were” moments.

I was rolling out of bed after being drenched at the rain-delayed White Sox game the night before (Mother Nature, you bitch) and getting ready to head up to Wisconsin for Labor Day weekend when I saw that oh-so-sweet ESPN notification from Adam Schefter.

But Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky? He found out from his mom.

10 God talked to reporters at a press conference earlier today about when he discovered the breaking news. The 24-year-old’s parents were visiting town and he was sleeping in on his off day from practice. Mrs. Trubisky saw the trade and immediately woke up the Baby Faced Assassin to let him know the Mack is back.

Trubisky’s reaction? Fake news. He didn’t believe it…and did any of us really? Nope. It felt too damn good to be true.

“I said ‘Get outta here. Leave me alone, I’m going back to sleep,'” remarked Trubisky.

His mom then told him “No, I’m serious,” to which Trubisky replied “No, you’re making me mad. Get outta here.”

Unlike me, Trubisky just so happens to know Ryan Pace and texted his boss’s boss to make sure it was true. Glad to know Chicago’s QB1 doesn’t just believe click-bait headlines, even from his own mother.

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But, shout out to Jeanne Trubisky for making sure her son is informed. That’s a mother who gives a shit right there.

I wonder if Mitch ever asks for meatloaf when his mom is in town?

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Featured Image: 24/7 Sports (edited)



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