Looking For Bloggers, Podcasters, Vloggers and more

Branded Sports is growing fast. Features on Busted Coverage, Barstool Sports, Flipboard, SiriusXM and more. We are moving fast and always looking at adding talent as we continue to grow. If you’ve ever wanted to do any of the following below, Branded Sports may just be the place for you:

Bloggers: Always looking for writers and more specifically in Philadelphia, Boston, Maryland, Chicago, New York and New Jersey.

Podcasters: If you have a podcast and are looking at reaching a bigger audience Branded might be the spot. We’re looking at extending our content to a number of different podcasts. Have one that you want us to check out? DM us on Twitter @Branded_Sports and follow

Vloggers: Same thing as podcasters just with vlogs.

Please reach out to Branded Sports on Twitter @Branded_Sports or to the captain of the ship himself @Jpopo07. Even if you’re some cube monkey looking for a hobby, reach out. We’re on the rise and looking for talented people that want to jump on.

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September 8, 2018 12:01 pm

[…] Looking for Bloggers, Podcasters, Vloggers […]