I Got Into A Fight With Hugh Douglas Over LDW, Pretty Sure I Was Right

So Hugh Douglas on the Sunday night of Labor Day Weekend decided tossed out the below tweet.

Before we get into this I want to make something perfectly clear. I am from Philadelphia yes, and I am an die hard Eagles fan as well. But my biggest pet peeve is blind fandom. It drives me insane. For example, people in this town actually think Nick Foles is a good quarterback. I won’t get into the dirty details now but he’s not. He stinks out loud. I can love the Eagles and not like a player on their team. I’m big brain enough to do so. Back to Hugh. So he is reacting to the Khalil Mack trade and is basically trying to tell you that when he was traded from the Jets in ’97 that it was just as big of a deal as Mack being traded. Spoiler alert. It’s not. Not even fucking close. I couldn’t let Hugh say something that insane without trying to inform him, you’re a psycho. Here’s the full exchange.

He had nothing to say because he knew he was totally wrong and then all the sheep fans starting jumping down my throat.

Love this guy that is clearly racist, amazing so much hate to a guy you’ve never met about a guy you’ve never met.

See, can’t separate home team from clear bias to a player. Especially this one fella, john4runner, but I checked today to get his tweets annnnddd:


LOLOLOLOLOL see ya Johnny.  At the end of the day here’s the point I’m trying to make, Hugh Douglas was good, he was not Khalil Mack good. That’s it. I had no idea Hugh was so soft that my little tweet would get him in such a tizzy.

When Hugh got traded this was his line for the season

hugh 2

4 sacks, cool. 31 tackles, neat. Those aren’t TOP of his game stats. Those aren’t even the best defensive numbers. So tell me how that compares to this.


10.5 sacks and 61 tackles. GTFOH Hugh. Dude you were good but you weren’t this good. Numbers don’t lie. You’re criminal record says you do though Hugh. Also for good measure to all the people saying Hugh had an unbelievable career that Khalil is “chasing.” Mack already has 231 tackles and 40.5 sacks in 64 games. Douglas had 80 sacks (not bad actually) and 289 tackles in his entire 138 game career. Mack will DESTROY those numbers.

Featured Image: Lehigh Valley Live

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