Eagles Prediction 2018

We are now one day away from Eagles vs Falcons.  Nothing other than making a prediction for the entire season would make sense.  The Birds are coming off the first ever Superbowl, it has been a weird and frustrating off-season, Doug wrote a book, Nick Foles wrote a book, Bud light made a statue for some reason.  Carson is out for a week maybe two, Alshon the same so let’s get into it.

Week 1: Eagles: 17 Falcons: 20

I think this is going to be a tough game for the Eagles.  I think Foles spent the entire off-season writing his book and doing a tour and he is not ready for this game.  I think the Falcons want some kind of revenge and want to make a statement.  I think the D will play great but wont have much help from the Eagles offense causing the birds to lose late in the 4th.

Week 2: Eagles: 31 Bucs: 10

Big time bounce back game for the birds here.  I still think Foles will play but this is not a great Bucs team, Winston will be out and the Eagles are going to have to go 10 days hearing how they were one hit wonders and they’ll come back angry.  Easy and dominant win.

Week 3: Eagles: 38 Colts: 17

Believe it or not I think this is going to be Carson’s first game back.  Alshon’s as well.  I don’t think the Colts have anyway to score right now or to stop the Eagles from scoring.  After a dominant win by Foles, Carson comes out with something to prove and obliterates the Colts in a big home win.

Week 4: Eagles: 24 Titans: 17

I think this is going to be a close road win for the Eagles.  Solid game from Carson and the offense and a solid game by the D that remains close but never in doubt.  Similar to the week 4 win at the Chargers last year

Week 5: Eagles: 38 Vikings: 7


Week 6: Eagles 31 Giants: 21

The first NFC East game for the birds on a short week on the road on a Thursday night.  It’s going to be rough after a big tough home game against the Vikings but the Giants don’t have it in them to win.  The D is still bad, the line stinks.  It will be close but never a doubt for the birds.

Week 7: Eagles: 28 Panthers: 24

This will be a close hard-fought game that can go either way.  The only reason I’m picking the Eagles is because they have a longer break and it’s at home.  Dont be surprised if the Panthers win by double digits though. (they wont)

Week 8: Eagles: 17 Jaguars: 21

London game is going to be tough for the Eagles.  They have been in the tough part of their schedule for a few weeks now and it’s going to catch up to them. I see a special teams and defensive touchdown for the Jaguars helping to give them the win.

Week 9: Bye week Eagles are 6-2

Week 10: Eagles: 51 Cowboys: 10

That’s the score, that is going to be the score. Fuck the Cowboys

Week 11: Eagles: 24 Saints: 31

This is going to be a tough road game humbling the birds.  I think it’ll be similar to the Seahawks loss last year but I don’t see them on the road in that stadium coming away with a win.  My fear is this will be a big game as far as seeding goes but they dont come out of there that late in the season with a victory.

Week 12: Eagles: 20 Giants: 17

Same thing as earlier in the year.  By now the Giants are out of the playoffs or about to be and have lost faith.  The line is worse and they have no business coming into the Linc when the Eagles are fighting for a one seed and winning.  It’s still a divisional game and will be close but the Eagles survive.

Week 13: Eagles: 27 Redskins: 17

The Redskins are always a tough opponent for the Eagles but not this year or this time.  They have no running game, no passing game no defense and no coach.  Eagles roll.

Week 14: Eagles: 66 Cowboys: 3

Spot the lie?

Week 15: Eagles: 34 Rams: 37

I think this is going to be a lot like last year but Carson keeps his knees and the Rams win.  The Rams have a great team and for some reason people think that means they will have an off-year, and they very well could, but they still win this one in a shootout.

Week 16: Eagles: 28 Texans:14

The Eagles are going to need this game to compete with the first seed.  It’s probably gone at this point so they’ll be fighting for a first round bye at minimum.  No way they don’t go into this game ready to dominate.  Big win in a big game at home.

Week 17: Eagles: 31 Redskins: 10

Redskins have quit and have nothing left.  It wont be close it wont be fun they will be dominated for 4 quarters with no mercy.

Final Record: 12-4 Second overall seed




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