The Local Philly Media Can Get Bent

Everybody saw Doug Pedersons presser Sunday.  It was a little bit odd.  He snapped on reporters because his plan to start Foles was leaked.  He told everybody to stop putting words in his mouth and most likely was mad because the report that Foles is starting is true.  If you missed it here it is.

Now despite the fact that Doug snapped and was sort of out of line the Philly media did a great job at looking like babies after this on twitter.  Starting with one tweet.

Now I like Natalie, and i like 97.5 a lot.  They have been good to Branded Sports so let me say these are my thoughts and my thoughts alone and nobody at Branded is supporting my thoughts that I know of.

This tweet from Natalie Egenolf is insane.  It is ridiculous to think that we as fans in the day and age of twitter and instagram and all social media actually need the local beat reporters to help get us information.  Jimmy Kempski who I also like has been saying for MONTHS that Carson Wentz is starting and the reason he knows that is because he is a local reporter around the team who knows more than most people.

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 11.02.55 AM.png

Yeah good fucking call Jimmy you cocky ass hole, what ended up happening?  You got cucked by Ian Rapoport who reported Foles will be starting.

But don’t worry Jimmy is a beat guy around the team everyday observing QB’s and talking to people and he just generally can read a situation after 6 years on the beat.  Fuck out of here with anyone saying we need the local beat reporters.  Ian Rapoport a national reporter broke the story, nobody local all they did was annoy Doug to a never-ending pissing match.

As you can imagine the twitter reaction to Natalie’s tweet did not go well for her as the Eagles twitter mob was in full force.

I’ll leave it there because there’s so much to go through and it doesn’t stop.  Sean Quigley is right though.  Reporters do not speak for the fans, we as fans have no connection or care for the reporters at all.  I dare the local media to go away for two weeks, let’s see what happens.  We will be fine and if I’m wrong I will put my hand up and apologize.  I will be the first to say my bad.  I will that is a promise.  Let’s just try it.  The second Jimmy Kempksi apologizes for being wildly wrong about Wentz starting.

PS- This is how you do reporting losers.

Just say allegedly and nobody can hold it against you… Idiots.

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