Should Pat McAfee Come Work For Branded?

For the most part a lot of our readers are Barstool fans, as are we at Branded Sports.  Everyone most likely knows the story by now.  Pat had issues with people on the business side at Barstool I wont get into that, that’s not really any of my concern it’s sad to see that relationship end despite the fact that Pat had a great relationship with the content people.  What I am here to talk about is Pat McAfee coming over to a new ship, a fairly young up and coming rocket ship.  A ship with no rules (except I’m no longer allowed to call people cunts on twitter) A ship that is ready to take off.

Pat McAfee is a free agent who has been doing incredible things on the internet.  He is very funny, wildly entertaining and likeable.  He is one of the greatest podcasters/radio guys out there and I can’t get enough of him.  He is a millionaire who is just like a normal everyday guy who also happens to be an incredible athlete.  So why should Pat come work at Branded?  What does Pat get out of that?  Let me tell you why brother.

If Pat came to Branded he would have total control.  CEO Joe would not argue with that one bit, he would accept that Pat knows more, Pat has done it longer and very successfully and we would go as Pat goes.  We would not be riding Pat’s back to the top but we would take his advice and tutelage very seriously and learn and grow with Pat.  He wouldn’t have to worry about any bad issues with people on a sales side because Pat would be priority number one.  If Pat wanted Kevin fired, Kevins fired.  No questions asked Pat, Kevins out of here you just say the word!  He’s gone.

If Pat came to Branded he would be responsible for taking a new and unknown growing Brand to the moon!  He would do what Dave did with Barstool.  He would be a major and basically 90% factor in that happeneing.  When the dust from our bones is gone and people tell stories of the intenet they will say in this order.  First, remember that porn star who got famous, Kim Kardashian or something?  Second, remember how Pat McAfee joined Branded Sports and they became the hottest and greatest thing on the internet.  That could be you Pat.  They will say your name for eternity, “Pat McAfee the greatest internet entrepreneur ever”  Wow, I just got goosebumps thinking about that.

Pat in all seriousness, you are entertaining and funny.  You are brilliant and know as much about sports as anyone out there.  People love you, we love you and we want you, we want to grow with you and blow up with you.  We will do whatever it takes to bring you on board.  Join us because this ship is going off with or without you, but with you this ship has no limits.  Do the right thing, join Branded Sports #ForTheBrand


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