I Nick Russo, Miami Hurricane Fan Am Selling My College Football Fandom On Ebay

To whom it may concern,

I have been a Miami Hurricane fan since 2001.  I was on my way to Hersey PA, when I was in 3rd grade we stopped at a hotel that the 2001 Miami Hurricanes happened to be staying in before playing Penn State.  I was in awe.  I became an instant Miami Hurricane fan I could not get enough of the history of the great players and teams.  I loved them as much as I love the Philadelphia Eagles.  However I can no longer root for such a trash program and team.  A coach that allows a shitty QB who should not be allowed to throw a deep ball start simply because he is a senior and no other reason.  The U is not back and will never be back as far as I’m concerned.  I have given up on them, I will refuse to root for them so I am selling my fandom.  I can be bought for cheap.  I will root and praise your team if you would like to purchase my fandom.  I will blog them as they are my own.  We do not have to tell them they are adopted until they are older and can understand it better.  I am hear for you and for them forever.  All teams are open all across the country.  Contact me for further details or see my ebay page to purchase, thank you.

Click this link to purchase me

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