Game Week: Eagles Vs Falcons

It’s time folks.  The NFL season has returned.  The Superbowl champion Eagles are back on Thursday night paying the team that was one play away from taking everything away from us.  It is time to start the 2018 campaign and find out if we were flukes and phony or god damn real deal champions.  No more underdog, no more being looked down on.  We are the champs, The Eagles are champs and every week, every game, every minute, every play we are going to get the very best out of whoever is on the sideline across the way.

Theres no more questions about who is going to start, Nick Foles is under center and he is going to play for a week or two.  It is what it is.  Can he do what he did in the Superbowl?  Probably not, but we have to stand behind him and ride with 9 until 9 can’t ride no more.  Theres no way around it, nobody is going to care or feel bad for us, nor should they.  Let me make something very clear though, Wentz or no Wentz one thing remains.

I don’t want to hear another word about an ACL or a bad knee or pre-season.  This is the real deal now!  Lets go and get it!  For the first time EVER we are defending Superbowl champions.  As much fun as the chase was as much fun as the journey to getting it was I want to defend it.  I don’t want to be embarrassed I dont want to look like a damn fool!  Enough with book tours and Superbowl signs in the locker room.  It’s time to play like champions because that’s what we are! We are the champs!  We better start acting like it and play like it on Thursday night.  I am not going to watch our banner raised Thursday night only to be laughed at for 60 minutes after.  Not to the Atlanta Falcons no way!  They dont even have a Superbowl!  A team with no Superbowl? Couldn’t be me!  Can’t look like a joke to a ringless team, can’t let it happen.  Time to go out there and dominate like the team we are.  Foles, Wentz or Sudfeld I dont care who’s playing, beat em 100-0!  Time for talk is over, strap up ladies and gentleman.  The title defense starts now.

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