Why Are People Upset About Going Back to School?

I’ve seen so many people online the past couple weeks bitching about going back to school.  Are you serious??

Do these college students not get it?  This is the best 4+ years of your life, and once it’s gone… IT’S FUCKING GONE.

I wish I could just get through to these Goddamn kids so they can understand a “real adult’s” point of view.  *Disclaimer* I guess, by definition, I’m a “real adult” because I’m a married homeowner, but in my head, I’m still a blacked-out, immature 19 year old.

I want to go on a country-wide tour to all the campuses across the country and be a motivational speaker for these kids.  Not your typical type of motivational speaker that get the kids hyped up for real life after graduation and talks about “the world is your oyster!”  or “you can do anything you put your mind to!”

My message will be simple.  CHERISH YOUR TIME AS A COLLEGE STUDENT, shotgun as many beers as you can, and if you need to stay an extra semester to make sure you’ve rung every ounce of fun out of college, then so be it.


So please, stupid college kids who are bitching about going back to school, wake up and smell the coffee.  You’re in the prime of your life, and being in college is the most fun you’re ever going to have.   Soon enough, you won’t be able to rip a Keystone as soon as you wake up and wander over to Philosophy 101 on a Tuesday morning at 11am.

And let’s be honest, syllabus week is by far the best week of the entire semester.  So your timing is piss poor.  Complaining right now makes you look even stupider.

Here’s to college


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