Top 10 College Football Mascots

Around the nation there’s endless mascots and team names that are repetitive, outrageous or just flat out funny. A mascot has an the uncommon ability to bring together the masses or make them ashamed that you exist.

Having a good one can make a huge difference at a school even though that sounds a bit ridiculous. But tell me you wouldn’t think less of Georgia if they were the Chihuahuas instead of bulldogs.

This list celebrates the best of the best when it comes to representing their team.

#10 Brutus Buckeye

Brutus may not be the most handsome or least creepy looking mascot in the bunch, but he can kill it. As the face of Ohio State, Brutus has been a staple of side entertainment. He’s also a great reminder that a buckeye is a seed and not weed related (we wish it were though) despite the buckeyes still rock the pot plant on their helmets.

#9 Ralphie the Buffalo

I wish I had something clever to say about Ralph, Colorado’s mascot, but I don’t. What can you say about a fucking buffalo. Not a scrawny freshman at CU looking to embarrass his “crazy” side by going under the hood of a mascot uniform. No, this is just a real life bull and if you’re not intimated by him on the opposing sideline then you’re kidding yourself.

#8 Stanford Tree

He doesn’t inspire hope, excitement or really any emotion at all, because, you know, he’s a tree. But the Stanford tree will never not be the funniest mascot in the game and that’s enough to get you on this list.

#7 Raider Red

Texas Tech’s Raider Red is badest, rootin’ tootin’ son of a gun in Texas. Looking like a character straight out of bugs bunny, Raider Red is known for having the quickest shot in the nation despite whatever disappointing season Texas Tech may be having at the time.

#6 Mike the Tiger

LSU’s tiger is not your average feline. He has a fierce look. One that is nearly impossible to make look tough on a mascot get-up, but LSU has it figured out. Geaux Mike.

#5 Sparta

THIS IS SPARTA! Sorry, I had to. Seriously though, this beefed up spartan is not one to mess with. His chiseled cotton biceps continues to lead Michigan State to war year in and year out. His presence is palpable and his armor is crisp. You’ll have a better chance of getting through State’s O-line than past this behemoth.

#4 Big Al

Big Al clocks in at number four on this list because of individuality. He’s not the scariest looking mascot in the group, but an elephant is a great change of pace from the human and dog related mascots across the country. Plus, he must have something to do with Bama’s success, right?

#3 UGA Bulldog

I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s a sucker for a good boy. This is the internet after all. Quite possibly the best of them all (except for my dog of course) is the Georgia Bulldog. There’s no man that you can put into a suit that will make you want to play harder than you do for this bulldog.

#2 Ramblin Wreck

Between a classic car, a funky horn, a great entrance and strong yellow jacket mascot, Georgia Tech has no problem checking all the boxes needed for a great mascot. Making number two on this list will most likely have the school buzzing (get it?).

#1 Cocky

There’s nothing Cocky really does himself to outshine other mascots. But not many do. What Cocky does have is the greatest name in mascot history, bar none. Maybe it’s history, maybe it’s nostalgia, but whatever the reason, the Gamecocks keep the name and mascot that will always make college football fans chuckle when you hear your team is flying East to battle some cocks. And that is all capped off by the one and only Cocky who tops this list.

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