Friday Night Frights!

I’m back with a special edition of Friday Night Frights! It’s College Day so I figured I would make a listing of what I think are top 5 best “college oriented” horror films. Now, not all of these will be lesser known, or on Netflix, but I will indicate which ones are available on the “screaming” service…get it?…instead of streaming?…I’m sorry. Anyway, let’s get to it.

5. Sorority Row

Ok I’m not even going to lie; this movie is not very good. I just needed something to round out the top 5 and there aren’t a ton of college themed horror films that either A. I have seen, or B. Should be seen by anyone. It’s a typical, mediocre at best, young adult slasher flick. This movie essentially steals the plot of “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and puts a very, and I mean very, slight twist on it. The best things about this movie are that the killers weapon is some weird tire iron, knife, spear hybrid, and the hot chick from “Step Up 2” plays the lead. I’d mention her by name, but you wouldn’t know who I was talking about…

4. I Know What You Did Last Summer

This movie isn’t the best slasher out there but it’s still entertaining and we get hotties like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar, as well as a minor role for Bridgette Wilson (ooooh Veronica Vaughn….Soooo hot. Want to touch da hiney…AROOOO!). If you don’t know this movie and you’re a horror lover who grew up in the nineties, shame on you. Long story short, High school seniors are drunk driving and hit someone with their car. They assume he’s dead, and a year later while they are in college, the body count starts to rise. Like I said not the best but it has its moments.

3. Urban Legend

This is one most people probably forget about but I think it’s an underrated slasher. I mostly love this one because it does exactly what the name implies. It brings to life the urban legends that many of us grew up fearing; particularly if you were a fan of the “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” book series by Alvin Schwartz. From mixing pop rock and coke, to the stalker in the back seat, we find out what happens when these urban legends come to life and turn deadly around campus.

2. Raw

This movie is more strange and disturbing than scary, but it’s great none the less. It’s also available on Netflix! This is a French film so yes it’s all subtitles, but it’s still worth the watch. A girl named Justine, who is also a die hard vegetarian, goes to school to become a veterinarian. During her first week she experiences tons of hazing and ends up eating a piece of raw meat. From that point forward, her hunger for…meat, grows (and no this isn’t a bad porno despite how it may sound).

1. Scream 2

Now anyone who knows me, knows I’m a huge fan of the “Scream” franchise and probably aren’t surprised to see this as my number one pick. This film is one of the few times a sequel lives up to the original. Some may even argue that it’s the best installment of the series. On top of that, this one is also available on Netflix! For “Scream 2”, we have the return of the entire surviving original cast, including the babe-a-licious Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox. It seems the horrors of Woodsboro can’t be escaped. We still get the self aware/self mocking horror theme, but this time with the rules of a sequel. The deaths in this one are definitely more brutal as well.

So tonight do yourself a favor and check out one, some, or all of these flicks! Though let’s be real, it’s the first Friday back at school so you’ve probably been pregaming since noon. By the time you should be watching these, you’re going to be running the pong table, at the bar, or buried in puke…or someone you’ll regret tomorrow.

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