The Murph Effect

Well, the Cubbies just got their asses royally handed to them in the second game of their semi-double header against the Mets, but I couldn’t be happier with what it showed me about the new revamped Chicago Cubs. Daniel Murphy is ESSENTIAL to the former champs if they hope to win it all again this year.

I am still in shock every time Murphy steps into the batter’s box in a Cubs uniform as I can’t fathom why 9 other teams, narrowly competing for a playoff spot, didn’t think to add this guy to their roster, but I still thank you all for letting this animal of a hitter fall into our lap.


Last game was the first time that Murphy wasn’t in the starting lineup since being acquired from the Nationals, and let’s just say the offense felt as lackluster as it did during that appalling 5 game stretch where the team could only muster a single run per game on a solo homer. Since that stretch though, the Cubs have scored a cool 49 runs in 8 games and a large part of that is due to the Murph. No better way to start winning over the hearts of fans who were bitter about the torrid rampage he put on in the 2015 NLCS against us, if you ask me.

I mean look at this stat line since joining the Cubs: (.355/.394/.613). Now I know what you’re thinking, “It’s only a few games. How in the world are you going to say that Murphy is essential to the Cubs winning it all this year?” Hear me out. Before getting Murphy, the Cubs had been struggling with offensive consistency throughout the year. We have a lot of streaky players, and when a majority of them are in a funk, it can get pretty damn frustrating to watch. Our most dynamic leadoff hitter was Anthony Rizzo. Insert Daniel Murphy, hitting machine, and now you have one of the most well balanced lineups in baseball. You see, even when Murphy doesn’t collect a hit, he impacts a game just by his at-bats. Always known as a player that rarely strikes out, Murphy is going to grind out at-bats and make a pitcher work. This allows the other players to get a long look at the pitcher, and gets the pitcher to start pressing more in crucial situations. With a lineup as deep as the Cubs now, that usually ends up being the kick to the nuts blow that should have all opposing pitchers afraid to take that mound against us.


You give me that and the fact that Murphy has been one of baseball’s hottest hitters in the second half, is fully healthy after missing nearly half the season due to knee surgery, has absolutely ridiculous career numbers at Wrigley, has not-as-ridiculous, but still pretty damn ridiculous, numbers in the postseason, and you have The Chicago Cubs emerging as the favorite to move onto the World Series from the National League.

Oh, and having this guy doesn’t hurt our chances either.

Let’s bring another parade to Chicago boys! Two years without a ring is a long enough drought already.

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– Edgar Alan

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September 11, 2018 12:01 pm

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