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Kmess’ Yanks Dropped 2 of 3 to the White Sox, Sad!

I usually watch the Sox from start to finish, but last night was date night with my lady, so I was keeping up on the good ol’ addictive iPhone.

That’s why I couldn’t believe it it when my pal Kmess tweeted at me that his Yanks dropped the series to my Sox last night.

Sure, they’re banged up as Kmess pointed out and don’t have Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez or Didi Gregorius, but this is a team vying for a playoff spot taking on a rebuilding, future World Series champ (2020, baby). On paper, they probably should have swept.

But, I gotta say, I wasn’t mad at the performance the White Sox put on last night. Reynaldo Lopez delivered a solid 7 innings, got himself out of jams and Ryan LaMarre was straight killin’ it with the stick last night.

And Avi’s catch in the bottom of the 2nd?!?! MERCY!

All I’m saying is, the Yanks better get it together or KMess is gonna get TONSSSS of shit from from our Boston Guy, Nick.

Speaking of which, our boys are squaring off this weekend, Nick…

Image: GIPHY

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Featured Image: White Sox Twitter




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