Hey Folks, We’re Talking Pregnancy Sex

Hey Folks, let’s have a discussion about thinks that need to be discussed.  Pregnancy sex.  I am going to guide you through the ups and downs of pregnancy sex.  The good and the bad. Pregnancy sex is a spectacular dance with the devil that to be quite honest, I can’t get enough of.  Lets take a journey together.

The benefits as you can imagine are pretty great.  First one that comes to mind is no condoms or pull outs.  That’s how I got into this mess in the first place.  One minute Nick Foles is putting 38 points up on the Vikings defense and the next minute im putting 38 million children in my girls vaginal canal without any care in the world for the consequences.  Now that is no longer the point.  The pregnancy has happened and a young man is on his way to the world, that is free condomless sex, free don’t worry about your pull out game sex.  Personally I have a pull out game that is equal to JR Smith’s basketball IQ, it doesn’t exist.  So it is very nice to no longer have to care and just jack up 3’s for 9 months.  As for the condoms, if it’s your girl you probably aren’t using them anyway, now for those fellas who are banging borderline crack whores who have been scored on more than a Flyers goalie in the playoffs.. You boys are gonna wanna wrap up.  Keep yourself safe my kings.

The benefits don’t stop there though.  I’m talking tightness folks.  Tight like the gap between Long Cox

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 10.40.07 AM
Long Cox-BGN

There’s something to be said for that magical piece of equipment women have.  I believe the great Johnnie Cochran said “That’s a slit you must not quit”.  Now what happens during pregnancy is that thing gets even tighter.  Gents let’s be honest with ourselves we like it in any shape or form am i right?  Now that pregnancy starts to get around month 4 and 5 you’re inside of something special.  Month 7 and 8 roll around.  Oh buddy! You went from having solid nights of 5-10 minute love making to the same exact time but it just feels better.

Now there are some bad as time goes on.  When your lady gets on top of you the belly just kinda stares you in the face, and there’s apart of you that goes.. Hmmmm my child is in that and I’m in her, is this weird?  It is, but it doesn’t matter because this is what nature has intended men to do for centuries.  To be honest, it really isn’t a bad thing at all, but I’m trying to be unbiased and talk about both sides.

As far as pregnancy sex goes, it’s pretty amazing my kings.  There are other benefits like fantastic boobs but that has less to do about sex and more to do with our issues with being breast-fed as children.  Hell I always date women much older than myself so who knows the kind of issues I have buried away.  Enjoy your pregnancy sex my kings, you deserve it.  You are working just as hard as her to create life and don’t forget it.  Let her please you, tend to you, and love you a little bit.  You work hard, never forget that.

God Bless

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T Funk
T Funk
August 31, 2018 12:55 pm

Stop stealing Uncle Chaps’ shtick.