Adrian Peterson Has Choice Words For Carter And Sharpe

AP is officially the softest man on earth after this. Here’s what happened. Cris Carter and Shannon Sharpe said on their respective shows that AP showed last year he still has some left in the tank but won’t dominate like he used to. Seems fair enough for a running back on the wrong side of 33. Nothing controversial or even surprising really here. But here is how AP responded thanks to USA Today:

“Watching some of the things they said about me, man, it really hurt me to the core,” Peterson told USA TODAY Sports. “Not only are they black men, but these are people I looked up to. And these are people that made mistakes, especially Cris Carter. So some of the things that came out of his mouth, not only personally, but about me as a player – aw, he’s washed up and this, that and the other, and he should just retire – how dare you.

“Then Shannon Sharpe, the same thing. He said some things and I’m just like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe that would come out of your mouth.’ I understand that people are entitled to their opinions. That’s the way of the world. But they are in a position where millions of people are watching them.”

Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. What an overreaction. Oh no someone said a running back over 33 is past his prime. How rude!!! Be softer AP, you can’t. I hope he never finds out who Skip Bayless is, holy shit, his brain will explode. I wasn’t rooting for AP since he is a Redskin now but really haven’t been since the whole beat the shit out of your kid thing. Some giant NFL running back beating the piss out of his toddler kind of makes sense now after reading this. Dude is delusional. He even thinks he can win the rushing title this year. When asked this is what he had to say:

“I plan on it, he said. “I know that.”

“A great offensive line is what I’m looking forward to the most,” declared Peterson of a unit that includes stud left tackle Trent Williams.

“I haven’t had a line in a long time. New Orleans had a good offensive line, but I really wasn’t able to get much time down there. But this line is top-notch. It’s going to give me something I haven’t seen since the beginning of my career.”

Fuck AP. For being a little cry baby bitch but mostly for making me blog about him while I’m sitting on the beach. I’ve had a baby for like two weeks now, never beat it either so shout out to me, I think I’ve earned a little vacation time. But no here, I am grinding as always. CEO doing CEO things.

I’m not CEO Joe because I want to be, I’m CEO Joe because I have to be.


Featured Image – USA Today

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