2017 National Champions* Return Tonight

The 2017 National Champions* are back to defend their title. The UCF Knights are starting the season against their rival, the UCONN Huskies. Possibly the greatest rivalry in College Football Sports. The Civil conFLiCT. Dream child of Bob Diaco, who bought and made his own trophy, to make up the rivalry between the schools. There was no clear reason as to why, but fuck it, why not. UCF didn’t (and to some extent, still doesn’t) give two shits. After winning the 2016 matchup, UCF walked off the field not acknowledging, or accepting, the trophy. Since then the trophy hasn’t been seen. However, UCF acknowledged the rivalry in the game preview.

I hope they find the trophy. It truly was a work of art.


So Bros

But enough about the rivalry, UCF has a National Title to defend. The only undefeated team in 2017 returns ranked at #21.  UCF is starting off the year with a chip on their shoulder.

Don’t think they are the National Champs? Just check the bling and banner.

UCF Ring

Orlando Sentinel 

UCF Banner

Black and Gold Banneret

Still not convinced? Well now it’s in the NCAA official record book.

Now generations can look at the record book and see UCF listed with Alabama as National Champions…what a joke!! Let’s be honest, if UCF would’ve faced any of the 4 teams in the CFP, they would’ve gotten their dicks pushed in. UCF’s strength of schedule last year didn’t crack the top 25. But College Game Day extraordinaire Lee Corso says, “not so fast”, they have the right to claim the National Title.

Orlando Sentinel – Lee Corso is not on the UCF National Championship bandwagon. But he doesn’t begrudge anyone who has hopped on for the ride.

I asked him his take on the UCF National Championship controversy the other day.

“They have every right to claim a title if they want to,” said Corso, a longtime ESPN college football analyst who lives in Orlando. “You look at UCF, last year was a perfect storm. They won close games and they get to the bowl game and play one team in the nation. That team happened to beat Alabama and Georgia. Well, they happened to beat that team. The perfect storm. If they had played Duke, it couldn’t have made any difference.“

I then asked, “If you had the ballot, it sounds like you would have picked Alabama?”

“I’m not on board but they have every right to do that. I picked Alabama.”

“Don’t forget that this might not ever happen again in the history of college football. I guarantee you that won’t happen again.”

Can’t argue with Lee Corso, than again, the guy might have a few screws loose.

Never gets old.


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