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As many of the people the read Branded know, I am the most honest loyal unbiased person on this site.  I bring you the facts and leave out opinion 100000% of the time.  That is why when I do things like write a blog teaching you how to get laid or explain the worst things in porn you can trust me.  I decided to start reviewing a local barbershop in my area “Joey’s Barbershop”.  In this day and age you can never be careful with your hair, we as guys are getting more than the crew cut and buzzed heads.  Now we get parts in our hair, some of us have beards that need to be taken care of, our eyebrows, it is a whole thing.  You need to find someone you trust, you need to find a barber that can do all of that and is available when you need them.  Here is my review of “Joey’s Barbershop”

One of the most important things for me is availability of my barber.  Can I only get in on Saturdays?  Do I have to miss work? Do I have to wait in line? Those are all things that matter.  I have been to countless places with great barbers who are packed from open till noon because they have a first come first serve policy, so I have to be up at 7am and wait outside until they open at 8am.  Joeys Barbershop and my new barber Joey make it easy.

First thing you do is download an app called Booksy and find “Joeys Barbershop”


As you can see here today at 10am I got full beard and cut for $25 great price which I’ll get into later.  Nice and easy way of booking and plenty of times too.


He has slots that you can choose from morning, noon or night.  No waiting in line, no annoying phone calls into a barbershop to get some scheduler, all right on the app and you’re locked in.  The most convenient way I have ever had at scheduling my haircut.

After the booking part and besides the haircut part something that I always hate about getting my haircut is the conversation.  If I go to a South Philly Italian or a South Jersey Italian all I get is awkward talks about being Italian. Sometimes when you go to just a boring guy it’s a lot of weird talk about the heat or rain or snow.  It makes it weird and you dread your cut.  Ever since I started going to Joey at Joeys Barbershop my 30-45 minute haircut fly’s!  The conversation is funny we make each other laugh and I enjoy it.  I look forward to seeing joey every other week and catching up.  He does this for everyone too.  The people who recommended Joey to me told me he is great at that.  I feel like I’m sitting at the bar talking to my buddy having a beer while he plays some great music in the background.  I can’t express enough how important that little bit is but it matters.  Joey deserves a ton of credit for how great he is at making you feel welcomed.

Pricing is something everyone struggles with at barbershops.  You get a great haircut $28 or $30 for the cut.  If you’re me who tips very well usually $15 I just had a $45 haircut which is fine but the adds up.  Joey has the best pricing around!  Nobody is even close and I’ll explain why.


You can go in for a quick trim of the beard or just a haircut and if you want a full beard cut and haircut you can get that too.  He’ll even get the eyebrows for free.  Now $25 for beard and hair you might be thinking, yeah its cheaper but it’s not like its $10 cheaper.  In some ways you may be correct, HOWEVER Joey owns the shop, it’s his chair so that $25 is pure profit for him.  He isn’t expecting an extra $10 or $15 on top of that.  For me though because Joey does such a great job I always slide in an extra $2 because he earns it in the work he does which is amazing, not to mention how much you enjoy being there and talking to Joey.  I have never had a cut like I get from Joey.  Which brings me to my next point.

The haircuts are amazing.  I take my hair serious, I take my beard serious.  It grows out and gets straggly from time to time.  Joey makes me look like a god damn movie star every time he fixes me up.  I could roll right out of that chair and go on the red carpet and nobody would think twice about it.  Joey gives the best haircuts he truly does.  I have never been upset after leaving his shop.  He does phenomenal work and always makes sure it looks good.  Furthermore the beard work he does hands down he’s the best in the business.  If people want to argue with me over who gives the best bald fade in town we can argue, but if you want to argue with me over who does the best beard work I will simply not hear it, Joey does the best beard work and there’s no question.  If you think it’s somebody else, find a new slant.  If you have any trouble taking my word for it well here are just a few of the reviews Joeys Barbershop gets.





Joeys barbershop is simply the best there is.  You wont find a better spot, you wont find a better barber, and you wont find a better guy.  Cant wait to go back in 2 weeks because he makes me look great and most of all I like to talk to the guy.

PS- If you would like to get your haircut from Joey download the Booksy app now and look up Joeys Barbershop, for more information find him on instagram at @Joeystaxx11 let him know you heard about him from Branded Sports Ru.

God Bless

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