I’ve Taken All I Can Take And I Can’t Take No More; This Eagles Music Video Is Hot Diaper Garbage

I’m sorry I know we posted this earlier today and we said we liked it I guess.  I cant just stand by and not be heard.  I cant let this go and be silent.  This song is hot diaper trash and everyone need’s realize it.  So take a listen and look…

When I first saw it I was like, ok ok lets get down.  Then I let it play, and started to think and used my brain and right away…

Image result for vomit gif

What the fuck is this hot diaper garbage baby back bullshit.  I remember the days where we would just find Vikings fans and hold them down and pee on them.  You guys remember that? In January? It wasn’t that long ago.  Remember when people would tell stories about walking in here as opposing fans.  Here is a story I heard once that has stuck with me forever.

“My uncle was a big Cowboys fan.  We went to an Eagles game once in our Cowboys stuff, dis man walked in and from the upper deck came a giant bottle of ketchup.. hit him right in the head.  I knew that day Eagles fans weren’t nothin to fuck wit”

That’s a real story.  Now I’m not so sure we even know how to boo anymore.  We are putting up wack ass billboards.  Making these hot diaper garbage baby puke music videos in vans and extra small shirseys. What’s going to happen the next time the Cowboys come here?  Are we going to role out a red carpet and give them tea and allow them to use cup holders?  No, sir I say no!  Take those cup holders away from them! No cup holders! I just wont stand for this cocky air we now have, I wont!  Let’s get the mean back in us!  Lets get angry again!  Let the hate out!  Get this and that shitty billboard deleted from the internet to never return.  I wont stand for this anymore!  Get mean or get out.


God Bless

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