Tom Brady Continues to Cut Pressers Short

Brady has always had an interesting relationship with the media. Since coming into the league as the ultimate underdog he has maintained a pleasant, but close to the vest, approach in interviews and press conferences.

However, at 41-years-old, he’s tired of the bullshit. He’s heard every question, been through every trying situation one can go through in professional sports. So he’s decided that if he doesn’t like a question he’s just going to bounce.

It all started with a question on whether Alex Guerrero had anything to do with Edelman’s suspension.

Anyone who says that this question needed to be asked or Brady is avoiding something by walking off on a question that is grasping at the idea of Guerrero supplying PED’s is a bafoon.

He walked off because of the absurdity of the question.

Then we have Brady’s most recent interview, a phone interview with WEEI’s Kirk and Callahan show.

Here’s the transcript from the exchange.

When will everyone learn? It’s getting a bit ridiculous. Guerrero has had a facility at Patriots Place for a few years now. He works on several Patriots players including Tom, the real life Benjamin Button some would say. Guerrero is by no means not a weird dude. He is. But he knows what he’s doing. Even Gronk has been healthier than ever since he began working with him.

Someone this close to the team isn’t a person that just gets kicked to the curb. Whether Belichick likes him or not, Bill is a wise enough man to know you don’t get rid of someone that helps the team. Guerrero does that.

Now that we’ve cleared the name of an innocent man, let’s talk about Brady.

If you think Brady is a dick or unprofessional for doing this then grow up. He’s a living, breathing, walking legend and he doesn’t have time for stupid questions. That means if he’s in an interview and you try to hit him with questions he’s answered in the past then he’s out. For God’s sake Guerrero has been around the team for years now.

And despite Brady fielding questions about him for years now interviewers still think “Fuck it, let’s see what Brady thinks about his friend, trainer and Patriot employee being with the team”. At the root of the question it’s asinine. There’s nothing more he can say about the man so stop asking the damn question and maybe you’ll get Brady for a full interview.

Brady’s a fiercely intelligent specimen and doesn’t have time for fools. So keep asking your silly questions and expect something new to happen. I guarantee you Brady isn’t about to change.

Nor should he.

Feature Image via Yahoo Sports

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