People Need to Stop FREAKING OUT About Matt Nagy’s Decision to Rest Bears Starters in the PRESEASON

Chicago Bears Head Coach, Matt “Swaggy” Nagy, has been taking AAAA LOT of criticism over the past few days for his decision to rest the Bears starters in their preseason matchup against the Chiefs this past Saturday.

The rested group of players included the likes of Mitchell Trubisky, Allen Robinson and Kyle Fuller, among 28 others.

But, Twitter naturally erupted and everyone from fans to the media lost their mind about it.

You know what I have to say to the people freaking out about Swaggy Nagy’s decision…?


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I mean seriously, can we move on from this? If I hear one more thing about the “valuable reps” Mitchell Trubisky missed or the chance for starters to use the game as a “dress rehearsal,” I’m gonna lose my shit worse than Cubs fans did on Steve Bartman (well…I guess they’re cool now, you know, 2016 and all).

I must say, mad respect to Nagy for not backing down from anyone who challenged him on his decision, either. According to Adam Hoge of WGN Radio, the 40-year-old coach even went over 13 minutes at his post-game press conference and answered question after question from the media to explain his thinking. Some coaches would have ran away, but he stood up for his shit – I dig it.

All I’m saying is…do we really need to get so bent out of shape about this? May I remind everyone that the Bears had 19 PLAYERS in and out of INJURED RESERVE last season??? One of those being Cam Meredith who TORE HIS ACL in you guessed it…THE PRESEASON.

There is no need to take the risk when Nagy knows who will be starting against Green Bay on September 9, just take running back Tarik Cohen’s word for it…

Damn. What a revelation – “we want everybody healthy” Tarik says? Nah, that’s way too logical. But…


And…as 670 The Score’s Chris Emma pointed out, other coaches are passing on this preseason bullshit, too:

I’ve had enough. I’m happy to hear that the team is already gearing up for their match-up with the Cheeseheads and apparently Bears players were happy to see that their new coach had their back with his unorthodox decision. Man, it really sucks that the players like their new coach…

I mean, there clearly is no benefit to Nagy making decisions with his players in mind. Just look at how PISSED they were after their victory against the Chiefs…

As I say: In Trubisky *AND NAGY* We Trust…

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Featured Image: WGN Radio

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