Murt’s Man Bait Buffalo Chicken Dip….#drool

So I actually named my segment “Man Bait” after the following recipe I am about to share with you. Everyone’s heard of it. It’s gotten even more popular over the years…. Of course I like to think I made it popular because I was making it in my crock pot about a decade ago before it was all the hype online.

Behold….. Murt’s Man Bait Buffalo Chicken Dip

There’s an actual story behind this wonderful dip. When I started playing fantasy football I was about 22 year old. I worked at a gym as a sales consultant with a bunch of guys who eventually became like family to me. One day a few of them came into my office and asked me if I wanted to be apart of their fantasy football league. They said they wanted to add a girl to the group to mix it up and they knew how Into football I was. Of course I said yes! We had a live draft at this sports bar and after the season everyone was invited to one of the guys Super Bowl parties. I had no idea what to bring. I make kick ass wings but I figured it’d be annoying to transport and I would of had to buy a ton so I thought “hmmmm maybe I’ll make a buffalo chicken dip.” My dad had made it before for family parties and it was always amazing! (Gotta throw pops some credit on this one. He likes to add jalapeños in his, but it’s optional).

All the recipes I read were different so I said “fuck it,” I’ll make my own recipe and I’m using my damn crock pot. Good lord I love my crock pot. “Set it and forget it.” Anyway, I bring this dip to the Super Bowl party, and it’s devoured within an hour. Every single person asked me what I did differently and how it is so addicting. I’m here to give you my secret to the most perfect Buffalo Chicken Dip EVER!!!!


-1 to 1.5 pounds boneless chicken breast (thawed)

-12 to 18oz of Frank’s buffalo wing sauce (depends how hot you want it)

-2 blocks of Philadelphia cream cheese

-1 8oz battle of Hidden Valley ranch dressing

-1 8oz bottle of chunky blue cheese dressing

-1/2 cup sour cream

-1 bag shredded cheddar cheese


-Boil a big pot of salted water and throw your chicken breasts in there till they are cooked all the way through. Once the chicken is cooked, it should easily shred with a fork. Whatever is tough to shred, just cut into cubes. You want small pieces of chicken.

-Plug in your crock pot. This recipe can either be made on low heat for 4-6 hours or high heat for 2-4 hours. You decide!

-Place your shredded cut chicken in the bottom of the crock pot.

-Add the Franks Buffalo Wing sauce and stir until it’s coated the chicken (I used to use Franks red hot sauce until I tried the wing sauce and it’s 10x better).

-Cut up your cream cheese into cubes and add to the crock pot, along with the entire bottle of ranch and blue cheese dressings. Stir heavily until combined. Your dip should be real thick.

-Add the sour cream and stir again mixing it into the dip.

-Put the lid on crock pot and stir every 30 minutes to an hour.

-When you have 1 hour left, stir in half of the bag of cheddar cheese and at the very end, stir in the remaining half.

You can leave the dip on the “warm” setting once it’s done and serve it from your crock pot OR you can transfer it to an aluminum over safe dish and sprinkle some cheese on top, heat up for 10 minutes when you get to the party and let people worship you that way!

Serve the dip with tortilla chips, bagel chips, carrots and celery.

Here’s proof that my friends love my dip. And proof that I’ve been making it for years!

And here’s proof that my friends threaten me if I don’t show up to their houses with it.

I like making food where people have to genuinely consider choosing the food over friendship. But since I cook so amazing, I have a lot of friends.

Now make this amazingness and enjoy being the center of attention at your next football party.

Ps. What beer or cocktail do you pair it with??

LITERALLY ANYTHING. It’s that amazing. However, just for the hell of it, I say pop the cap off a Stella and enjoy.

Also-THIS is how happy I am when I make my Buffalo Chicken Dip and everyone loves it and me…


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I love this girl