Everyone wants to play for ICC!

It doesn’t really surprise me or the gang at Branded sports at all, but apparently every football player in America wants to play for Coach Brown at ICC.

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If you have been under a rock and missed our various posts about Last Chance U Season 3 and ICC… Get on it: Last Chance U.

Coach Brown is one of the most fiery coaches I have ever seen on any level. He knows exactly how to get the best out of every one of his players. This was all captured on Netflix’s Last Chance U Season 3.

Now… Players from everywhere are trying to play for the Pirates.

According to an interview with TMZ “Brown says his coaching style hasn’t scared anyone away — in fact, it’s attracted so many recruits to Independence Community College in Kansas, he’s had to turn away hundreds of players.”

“We’ve had to turn down about 400 kids in the first weekend alone. I had about 5,000 emails in 24 hours.”

If that quote was from anyone else I would be skeptical, but Coach Brown is no bullshit, no ego and has no reason to make up lies. I bet the numbers are even higher than those!

After years of losing seasons, Coach Brown went to Independence and immediately turned them into a winner. The Pirates won their first ever bowl game, and now have their eyes set on a much bigger goal..

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The Natty!

The team took the first step in that direction last Thursday, taking down Dodge City on the road 38-20! The ICC faithful made the 5hr trip and packed the stands. Others like me around the country watched the stream and listened to WeWantaNatty. (Almost 10,000 people!)

This Saturday the Pirates come home for a game against Hutchinson Community College. Shulthis Stadium, on the campus of ICC will be ROCKING!!

We will be following Coach Brown and the ICC Pirates all season and keep you up to date on their road to the Natty. But, for now they are taking it ONE game at a time and are fully focused on this Saturday night.



(Also if you are a talented player that wants to go the JUCO route.. Don’t be dumb, go get in contact with Coach Brown and play for the best!)

Gif – SB Nation

-Kevin “That Guy”

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