Mike McGlinchey is going to the HOF. Book it.

Mike McGlinchey hasn’t even played one regular season snap in the NFL, but he has already done so much to say he will dominate.

I may be a bit biased being a huge Notre Dame fan and living 5 minutes from his hometown. BUT… I took my ND beer goggles off for this one, and Mr. McGlinchey is still making me say DAMN!

Don’t believe me yet? Check this out..

First.. His number. The 49ers 1st round pick out of Notre Dame is going to be wearing the number… 69. He wore 68 at ND.. But decided to step it up a notch for the NFL. Is there a better number in the world? Nope.

Image – Bleacher Report

Second, his face-mask. McGlinchey wears the most throwback, badass, “I’m going to beat you down all day” face-mask of All-Time! He wore it at ND and was so happy to see him rocking it for the 49ers! He gets major style points for this one. I mean would you mess with him..

Image – Irish sports daily

Image 49erswebzone

Third, the dude’s got moves..


And he’s the ultimate hype machine..

Even when no one is around..

Fourth… He is a strong, smart, fundamentally sound football player. He was a fantastic player and leader in South Bend and he is already showing his skill at the next level.

Even going one on one with one of the NFL’s best.. JJ Watt.

Image – SB Nation

And, not to put even more pressure on the young fella. But… He has to make sure no one protects this pretty face.

Image – SF Examiner

All jokes aside, I can’t wait to watch mmcglinch68 in the NFL. I hope he has a successful 20 year career and gets to go into the HOF with his best friend and also first round pick Quenton Nelson!

Image – Twitter mattrandall

But, until then keep taking it one play at a time big guy. You are making Irish Nation proud everyday.

Go Get it Big #69!

-Kevin “That Guy”

Feature Image – mercury news

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