Don’t look now… The Yankees are Coming!!

On August 7th I wrote an article about what the Yanks needed to do after being swept by the Red Sox. They were about 100 games back of Boston but had a stretch of games against sub .500 teams.

Lance Lynn started it all off with a great first start in pinstripes against the White Sox. (Change of Sox) After That start I declared the Yankees must become “The Bronx Bullies” and beat up on these weaker teams.

Since that day the Yankees have gone 15-5. They swept the White Sox, took 2 out of 3 against the Rangers, lost one makeup to the Mets, lost 2 out of 3 to the Rays (who are on fire!) swept the Blue Jays, split 2 with the Marlins and just swept a 4 game set in Baltimore!

Not perfect. But I’ll take 15-5 in the last 20. They now have a 7 game home-stand where they must keep this streak going. 3 against the White Sox and 4 against the Tigers. I would love a 7 game sweep but would be happy with 5-2, before heading out to Oakland.

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The Yanks have also been doing this while being Bruised and Battered! (Banged up Bombers) Sanchez is out, Judge is out, Didi is out, Chapman is out. Next man up…

Enter first baseman Luke Voit. The Yankees traded away Chasen Shreve (thank you Jesus) for the 27 year old before the deadline. Since then he has been a spark plug for the Bombers. He hit a million home runs in the sweep of the O’s this weekend! Watch out Greg Bird..

Like I said earlier when this 20 game streak started the Red Sox had just swept the Yankees and were up about 100 games in the division. Since then and the Yankees catching fire (I mean even Sonny Gray won a start the weekend.) The Sox have shown they are human..

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..They were just swept by the Rays and the Yankees are now only 6 games back! 6 games is still a ton but.. WATCH OUT BOSTON… THE EMPIRE IS COMING! Get Judge back, get Didi back, get Chappy healthy, maybe even Sanchez wakes up and… The World Series is not just a dream but a serious possibility!

Even though I am stoked for college football and the NFL to be back, I can’t wait to keep watching the end of this MLB season and playoffs.

It’s not about how many times you get knocked down.. It’s about how many times you get back up.


-Kevin “That Guy”

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