The Branded Hour: City Tap UCity.

Welcome to another Friday edition of… The Branded Hour. Where we are in search of “The Perfect 30” We are doing some very hard research to give you the top notch grades of the best Happy Hour’s around. (Remember if there’s one thing here at Branded Sports that we know besides sports and being awesome… It’s Bars.)

Last week Scandals received:

27.8 out of 30.

Today’s Spotlight review is:

Image – Twitter citytapucity

Name: City Tap House UCity

Location: Philadelphia (Phila)

Happy Hour Time: Mon-Fri 5-7PM

Specials: Change per day


Phone: 215-662-0105

Twitter: citytapucity

Facebook: City Tap UCity

So, we have some Bucks, we have done Delco.. I think it’s time we did Philly, don’t you agree? The Branded Hour does Philly!

So I asked around to some friends who live in the city. Where do I need to go the Happy Hour? Where should I go for a Branded Hour review? The answer was overwhelmingly… City Tap, and more specifically City Tap UCity!

Image – upenn

…So I went. #ForTheBrand of course.

They have 60 beers, as they says.. That’s 60 possibilities. I wish we could have tried them all, but then again I don’t think the Branded Team would have made it out.

You can also pair your beers with “elevated American Pub far.” Yes, yes you can. The beers were ice cold, delicious and the food was as I always say… Bangin!

For apps I really enjoyed the Seared Ahi Tuna, Baked Brie, Korean Short Rib Tacos and Blue Crab Mac & Cheese! Yeah.. Exactly what they say, “elevated American Pub far.”

You can also select between $5 beers, $5 bites, $6 bites and also $6 wines and sparkling sangria.. Yes please!

Image – uwish

GRADES: (All out of 30)

Alcohol: Did I mention.. 60 beers=60 possibilities. Yes, that’s a ton of possibilities for Happy Hour. Also, $5 beers and $6 wines and sparkling sangria… That’ll do the trick! SCORE: 8.1

Food: Yes, it is more fancier food than a normal pub. But, it’s awesome and not expensive. You can also take advantage of the $5 bites and $6 bites. I highly suggest getting food for the table, thank me later. SCORE: 8.7

Atmosphere: Heart of the city. Great views. Awesome bar, always full of people trying to have a great time. Atmosphere is a huge part of a successful Happy Hour and City Tap passes with flying colors! SCORE: 9.2

Street parking available. Uber/Lyft fully available in the area… Don’t be stupid!

Overall Score: 26 out 30. Great score!

Go down or up to Philly tonight for Happy Hour.. It’s the perfect day for it!

Drink responsibly #ForTheBrand

Let us know when you try one of our featured Happy Hours, give us your own score!

Have a bar you want us to review? Message me on Twitter kmess22

-Kevin “That Guy”

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