Patriots Take on the Carolina PussyCats in Week 3 of Preseason

The Patriots will trot on into Carolina for what is the most exciting week of preseason. Despite Brady deciding to get an extra workout in by playing the whole first half against the Eagles in week 2 of preseason, he will see as much, if not more, playing time down in Carolina.

That isn’t the storyline that has carried the Pats through one of their final weeks in training camp however. What’s on everyone’s mind around Foxboro is what will be done with this O-line.

We received the less-than-ideal news after the Eagles game that the Patriots’ first draft pick this past season OL Isaiah Wynn will miss significant time, if not the entirety of the season, with an achilles injury.

With Cannon still dealing with his injury and a fresh face in Trent Brown at left tackle, this was the last news every fan wanted to hear. Especially when you see how innocent the play he got injured on was.

What really sucks most is during the Eagles game we had a little taste of what a presence Wynn could be at tackle for the Pats.

Brady has yet to be sacked in preseason despite the deficiencies on the line. Hoyer has only been sacked once himself, showing this line has been dominant so far under Scarnecchia’s reign as O-line coach.

What has been keeping them afloat has been James White’s continued success in the slot and great guard play and some of the same from center Andrews. But this wouldn’t be the first time the Pats had issues with O-line depth going into the season and it has hindered them in the past.

That was without certified drill sergeant Scarnecchia though. So as I do with all Patriots’ matters, I’ll trust the coaching staff until they give me reason not to. It’s one of the many luxuries of being a Pats fan.

Now on to some more pressing matters; Tom Brady’s helmet.

For whatever reason people are enamored by Brady’s new speedster-looking helmet. I for one hate it. Why change what works? One of my favorite things in football is the stinginess of football guys. It’s a small thing what helmet he wears, but local media has made it out to be a big deal so so will I. Give me the round back helmet that rattles when Tommy yells “LET’S GO”.

If he is going to rock the new-age look, at least give us more of this.

God dammit I love me some Tom Brady porn on a Friday afternoon. Greatest PR team on planet Earth.

Game Prediction: Cam Newton will wear something stupid in the Post-game presser.

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