Friday Night Frights!

It’s Friday everybody and that means it’s time for some frights! I love finding hidden gems amongst the plethora of movies (ranging from great, to utter dogshit) that Netflix has to offer. I’ll usually check out the summary and if it seems intriguing enough, I’ll give it a watch. Sometimes it tickles my fancy, other times I’ve made better works of art in the toilet bowl. Sometimes, someone else will give me a suggestion and I like to give credit where credit is due. This week’s movie for Friday Night Frights was actually suggested to me by my smoking hot girlfriend! It’s great having a girl that is as into horror as I am (and who’s a stone-cold fox)! This movie is more of a psychological thriller than a straight up horror, but it’s absolutely deserving of Friday Night Frights! For tonight’s Netflix and thrill session, I suggest you watch, “The Invitation”.

Now I warn you, this movie is the epitome of a slow burn, but well worth it in my opinion. The plot is that a man named Will (played by Logan Marshall-Green a.k.a. discount Tom Hardy…seriously google him) and his girlfriend are invited (along with some other longtime friends) to a dinner party hosted by his ex-wife Eden, and her new BF, David. As if that isn’t weird enough, it’s hosted AT THE HOUSE THAT WILL AND EDEN FUCKING LIVED IN. Sorry, but no fucking thanks. Adding to the awkward situation, there’s also a few random weirdos at the party that Will does not know. They’re not weird like they act socially awkward, goofy, or listen to U2, but weird as in they’re TOO friendly and too open. Will himself seems like he could be a bit off his rocker too, though.

Throughout this movie you’re not going to be sure what to believe. You’ll be as uncertain as someone who’s trying to determine if that rumbling in their stomach is going to just be a fart or something more, once they unclench their butthole. It messes with your thoughts until the final reveal as to what the issues at hand really are. One moment you’ll be thinking, “Are these people really as weird and creepy as they seem?” and the next you will wonder “Ok, maybe Will is actually crazy and just super paranoid or suffering from some PTSD/Anxiety.” As events unfold and more is revealed about each character, the more intriguing and puzzling it becomes.

I love the buildup of this movie and how much it makes you question everything and everyone. The uneasiness starts instantly and continues to snowball throughout. If all you look for in a scary movie are some cheap jump scares and gore, then this won’t be for you. I realize how pretentious that may sound, but I also don’t give a single, microbial-sized shit. However, if you appreciate a well formulated story that keeps you on edge and wondering what in the ass cheeks is going on, then you need to watch this film.


Rating: 4 Butthole Puckers


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