College Football Week 1A

The 2018-19 College Football begins August 25th. I know I know, there are only 4 games Saturday and the meat of the schedule is the following week. But College Football is back baby!! It’s funny how a lot of sites have August 25 and the following weekend games rolled into a ‘Week 1’ category. Tell that to Wyoming who plays the 25th then again September 1st.

So, we’ll call this week 1A, then next week will be 1B. These are the foreplay games, they get you lubed up for the real start of the season. Sure, you don’t care about foreplay and want to get straight to the point, but you gotta preheat that oven before you stick in the turkey…giggity.

But seriously, the games in week 1A are pretty lackluster. No ranked teams, no standout players, and no great story lines. However, to a degenerate gambler (not me, thank you 1-800-gambler) you’re pumped to have college football back, because you know…legal gambling (again not me). The game I’m most interested in is Wyoming vs New Mexico St. With Josh Allen gone, and redshirt freshman Tyler Vander Waal taking the helm, we’ll see if Wyo can have a 3rd straight 8-win season. It’s doable in the MWC with Boise State as your only challenge, but losing Josh Allen is a big hit to the offense.

Wyoming over New Mexico St

The other 3 games will be blowouts, so I’ll keep this short and to the point.

UMASS over Duquesne – Didn’t know Duquesne still had a football program, good for them. Also, T&P to UMASS on 11/17.

Rice over Prairie View – Texans will fill the local high school stands more than this one.

Colorado St over Hawai’i – That’s the native way to spell it, I respect it and you should as well.

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