Ariana Grande Got All Psycho Girlfriend On Barstool Last Night

So last night this happened:

A simple blog from a guy that is an expert in the field of buttholes and genitals. The man legitimately made a career of talking about foods that he may or may not bang. If an expert witness testifies in court whatever they say is true, Chaps is a butthole expert in my book. No idea how Ariana Grande doesn’t recognize this. I also don’t understand how Pete doesn’t stop her here. He’s a comedian, they are supposed to have thick skin and I thought he did. No way making fun of his “sickness” offends him. I’ve seen him on TV make jokes about his dad dying in 9/11.

He has to know that he is going to get ripped hard for this one. If Lorne Michaels has any back bone he will start SNL with some type of parody of this transaction.

Also this is another terrible look for America’s most hated couple. It’s amazing two people that the public genuinely liked/tolerated before they dated are now insufferable. No one likes the couple that is all over each other all the time. Also no one likes the “stick up for my man” girlfriend. That chick is normally a bitch and she is just insecure about her looks. These two seem like the couple that just hang in his room all night and only come out to make food together while making out in the kitchen. Gross. I hate them.

PS. His eyes 100000000000% look like two little B-holes and I think Ariana owes Chaps an apology right away.

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August 25, 2018 12:01 pm

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