0 Wins=More Talent Than Super Bowl Title #oppositeday


Hmmm so I don’t know if any of our readers watch Hard Knocks, but in my opinion, it sucks this year. That’s besides the point…. in a preview for next weeks episode, former Eagles linebacker, Mychal Kendricks is literally claiming that the Cleveland Browns have more talent than the Philadelphia Eagles. Ummm what?

“We got so much more talent in this room than what I did in Philly.” – Mychal Kendricks

First I thought he was just talking about the linebackers then it was revealed he was referring to the entire team. Second, how does he say “than what I did in Philly” when he was just with them when they won the Super Bowl less than 7 months ago?

The Eagles are playing the Browns tonight in their preseason game and this comment made by Kendricks is making people talk, tweet and raise their eyebrows in utter confusion. All I know is when I heard it, all I could think of is:


Here’s some FACTS, since that’s really all that matters in cases like this:

Fact: the Browns won ZERO games last season

Fact: the Browns have won ONE game in the last 2 seasons.

Fact: the Browns record since 2015 is 4 wins 44 losses.

Fact: the Eagles just won the Super Bowl (with Kendricks on the team)






So let’s recap-Mychal Kendricks just won the Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles last season and now this season is playing on what was considered the worst team in the NFL, the Cleveland Browns.

Either Kendricks is trying to do some funky juju superstitious, mess with peoples minds shit by saying ludacris claims (which honestly is entertaining), or he’s an idiot. Either way, people are talking, but come on man, you got your ring….with the Eagles (congrats BTW).

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Apart of me actually hopes that the Browns get out of this funk they’ve been in for the last several years and surprise us all. I’m an optimist and a glass half full type of chick, and I also love the underdog, but please….PLEASE wait til the season actually starts (preseason doesn’t count) before you start talking crazy.


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August 25, 2018 12:01 pm

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