New Always Sunny Trailer. Hot Mac And Dennis Sex Doll

Yesssssssssssss need Always Sunny back in my life ASAP. The most disrespected show off all time when it comes to recognition. They get zero love and all they do is crush it season after season for the last 12 years. Also can we take a second and talk about ripped Mac.

Jesus Christ. Why not me? Next time you go to your personal trainer and they ask what your goals are, tell them you want to look like gay Mac. Dude is living his best life. Do you remember fat Mac?

Can’t believe that’s the same human being. That is witchcraft, has to be. Also they didn’t show any Dennis besides the sex doll Dennis which makes me think he will definitely be in this season. They are trying to hard to act like he’s not in it. Just not the same without Dennis. Any when so pumped for this season. One of, if not the best show on television easy.


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