How Come People Dont Realize Jim Halpert Is A Bully And A Dick?

I’ve written about this sort of thing before.  Pam is well liked by most viewers of The Office but in reality she’s just a snake.  The more I watch the more I realize Jim is a mean bully.  Now I want to say for the most part Jim isn’t a terrible person like that massive bitch Pam, but he is still a huge bully and a massive dick.

Jim is not a dick right away it sort of grows over time.  Now in my opinion that happens after casino night when he kisses ENGAGED Pam.  What an ass hole.  You might think to yourself, you love who you love and can’t let anything get in the way of that, however I have slept with married woman before and let me tell you, it is not ok to do.  It really hurts other people and they do not recover… Believe me.

Lets talk about his relationship with Karen.  Once the branches merge he tells Karen she should move to Scranton.  Take her entire life from Stamford and move to Scranton.  That is not an easy move.  The entire time she is there she thinks she is happy in love with her boyfriend Jim but he is just so clearly into Pam.  Loving her behind Karens back the entire time.  Dick.  Karen trys to make things work and finds a house close to Jim so instead of being excited he tells her she is to close.  You convinced her to move states for you, now she’s to close? Dick.  Karen eventually finds out Jim liked Pam and still might.  She asks him if he would like to talk through it and he’s a total cock sucker about the entire thing.  Complaining that she wants to talk through it and figure it out so they can be together.  What a flaming fucking dick head thing to say Jim.

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He always thought he was way to cool to do things, like Halloween and dressing up or participating in group activities.  He thought he was bigger than Dunder Mifflin even though he decided to work there and he could have left at any time but didn’t.  He had a superiority complex to everyone and his smug attitude was a disgrace for anyone who has a family.

He treated Dwight so poorly I don’t know how Dwight did not just show up with a gun one day and blow him away.  Jim Halpert tortured and tormented Dwight for years.  Pretending to dress like him, putting his supplies in jello, faking job offers from the CIA, sending his resume to other companies so he would quit and leave.  It was flat-out mean behavior and bully behavior.  Nobody should ever be subjected to that kind of bullying.  Jim had kids and still treated Dwight that way? Way to set a good example jerk!

It was Jim’s fault Andy punched that wall.  Jim put Andy’s phone in the ceiling and called it all day so Andy couldn’t find it.  Think about how you feel when you can’t get to your phone.  Imagine how Andy felt hearing it ring non stop but not being able to find it.  Then once he had enough he went crazy and punched a wall was sent to anger management Jim never once stood up for him and took the fall.  It’s not ok, he was so mean to Andy.



Lets not forget when Jim let Michael fall into the koi pond because he thought it would be funny.  Just moved out of the way so sly and coy (no pun intended)  He was wrong and he knew he was wrong so when everyone wanted to watch the video he attempted to stop people from seeing it.  Jim has no morals or values.

Most of all and the most crucial evidence to Jim being a dick and a bully?  He married that evil bitch Pam.  I don’t trust anyone who loves someone as evil and morally corrupt as Pam.  Shes a villan of the highest regard.  Darth Vader thinks Pam is evil.  The fact that Jim would marry and produce with someone like that means he is not only a dick not only a bully, but an ass hole, and we don’t like ass hole’s around here unless we are eating them.  Ladies and gentleman I rest my case

God Bless

PS- You can read why Pam sucks here

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