ESPN Should Face Criminal Charges For Whoring Out Big Al

We have all seen the 7 second clip of Big Al saying he hits dingers.  It was very funny, little guy 4’3 tall and 3’4 wide calling himself Big Al saying he hits dingers.  I laughed, we all laughed and enjoyed it.  It lived to what it was, but what ESPN has done with Big Al is criminal, its disgusting and people should be facing criminal charges for it.

This is not personal against Big Al, he was just being himself, it isn’t his fault that he is getting so much attention and by so much I mean non stop.  Every 5 seconds he is on ESPN doing a new interview making a music video in his little white flip-flops, hanging with Rhys Hoskins, and that was all cool.  I cant take it anymore though.  It’s a disgrace to the other kids who are actually hitting dingers actually winning actually doing things that are impressive.

What about the team from Japan making a historic run dominating.  What about the great kids from Statin Island who cant seem to lose.  Those kids are getting no love because all we are doing is giving Big Al every second of our attention.

ESPN does this all the time though every year, they love whoring out these little kids, it’s sick.  Remember Mone Davis?  She went 2-2 and had a terrible ERA in the elimination game, check the stats.  I’m for equality, she wasn’t great.  ESPN couldn’t stop though.  It’s disgusting.

I am asking for ESPN to be held accountable by the public someone need’s to stand up and bring charges for this!  These kids deserve better, they deserve to be loved equally, Big Al had his moment, let someone else have their moment stop with this Make-A-Wish fake stuff and show me the next Jeter, not the current day Bartolo.  Enough is enough.

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