Cowboys Hamstrung… Again.

A hamstring injury to a major part of the Cowboys 53. Surprise.. Freakin surprise. Last season it was rookies Chidobe Awuzie and Jordan Lewis hamtrung during camp and beginning of the season. Before both became starters and major contributors.

Now, this preseason the hamstring bug has bitten them again. And, again in the young secondary. This time it is second year safety Xavier Woods, who is a projected starter.

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Woods went down in the second preseason game on Saturday against the Bengals. Every single Cowboys fan, like I gasped and said NOT AGAIN when number 25 went down. But, yes.. Again, it happened again. And, it also looks like Woods at least will miss week one in Carolina.

Cowboys WireWith just 20 days remaining before the opening game against the Carolina Panthers, Woods’ hamstring strain is not expected to be better. Dallas has a lengthy history of hamstrings which don’t heal well and are often reinjured.

(This crap dates back to even Miles Austin. Add Sean Lee in there with hamstring injuries and damn.. This is a problem.)

Awesome. Fantastic. The team and coaches have been pumped about Woods ability as a starting safety this season. So much so they moved Byron Jones to corner, did not go after a FA safety like Kenny Vaccaro or Tre Boston, and also didn’t try to trade up to draft big time safety Derwin James.

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They are now extremely thin at the position. Other starting safety (if you want to call him that) Jeff Heath is dealing with an ankle sprain. QB turned safety Jameill Showers is on IR with an ACL, Marqueston Huff (who?) has a groin strain and big hitting Kavon Frazier has been dealing with a blood clot issue which forced him to miss the first half of camp.

This really backs the team into a corner. They are hamstrung by another hamstring injury. Veteran George Iloka was just released by the Bengals but I don’t see him being a fit. Hmm.. (And, just signed with the Vikings) If only there was an All-Pro, future HOF safety, from Texas, who wants to be a Cowboy sitting out there..

Oh. Wait. I almost forgot. There is.

Disgruntled Seahawks safety Earl Thomas has still has not reported to training camp and doesn’t look like he’s going to anytime soon.

NY PostAlways been the underdog ain’t nothing new. Extend ….. if you don’t want me let’s make a trade happen”

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Well.. Cowboys. Make. It. Happen. They wouldn’t give up their second round pick this draft, which I was happy about, I like Connor Williams (also out of Texas.) But, it’s time. He’s not happy, the Seahawks won’t extend him and guess what.. YOU NEED SAFTEY HELP.

Oh. Yeah.. And, his DC from Seattle Kris Richard is the DB’s coach and passing game coordinator for the Cowboys.

The man ran up to Jason Garrett after the Cowboys vs. Seahawks game last season IN TO the locker room and said “Come and get me!” Umm.. Go get him. Give up a second in 2019. JERRY DO YOU. BE JERRY right now. Tell Stephen that you’re still his daddy and you’re in charge on this one.

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Also Jason Garrett, this is it for you my friend. Don’t perform this season.. BUH BYE. You should be screaming through the megaphone at Jerry’s office GET EARL. Wear a shirt to practice that says GET EARL. Hell pay for a plane to fly over practice everyday with a banner saying GET EARL!!!

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I want ET as a Cowboy. You want ET as a Cowboy. Hell ET himself wants to be a Cowboy. LET ET PHONE HOME! I mean the man is working out in Texas. Get on Jerry Force One and pick his ass up.

Image – Star-Telegram

Make the deal Jerry. If not for Jason Garrett, if not for Earl, hell if not even for yourself… Do it for me. I have an authentic DeMarco Murray 29 jersey I’d love to wear again with Thomas on the back.


-Frustrated Kevin “That Guy”

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