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Damn right I did Mama Boucher.

Name is Mike Urie (I’ll wait for your small brains to make jokes about my last name, I’ve heard them all). But you can call me Uris, nickname I picked up in college, can’t remember how/why. I will be your guide to everything College Football. I live for Fall Saturdays, can’t beat waking up Saturday putting off all your adult responsibilities and watching drunk college kids cheer on “student” athletes.

Born outside of Philly, I’m a Philadelphia Big 4 sports guy. Also, the Philadelphia Wings (welcome back boys!). But Fall Saturdays are for my Nittany Lions. All my life I’ve been a fan, even before I was born. I was still developing when they won the 1986 National Championship, so technically I was alive for a national championship?

I’ll acknowledge a couple things:

Sandusky was a monster and should burn in hell.

Yes, Joe Pa knew (he reported it, WTF else do you want)

Rudy was offside.

After graduating from Penn State, I worked at a Nuke plant. I still glow in the dark, doctors said it’ll go away at some point. It’s been three years since I left. Fast forward to today, I’m writing for Branded Sports. Life comes at you pretty fast.

I used to blog for a website dedicated to Craft Breweries in Pa. After a few months, it was time to take my shot. Blog for a sports site and share my love of college football. CEO Joe put out the call for writers, I responded with a lot of emails. Sorry Joe (not sorry). And here I am, Branded Sports! Follow me on twitter @uris_22 for all your college football news.

Maestro, music please

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