Stanton owns South Beach!

While I was over looking the Roman Empire.. My Evil Empire was doing work. And, being lead by Giancarlo Cruz-Michael Stanton.

In his last 15 games Stanton is batting .328, .435 OPS, .759 SLG with 19 hits, 7 HR’s, 14 RBI’s and scoring 14 runs. He’s been mashing and earning his pinstripes with fellow slugger Aaron Judge still sidelined with his wrist injury. (3 week recovery my ass.)

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Now with 32 HR’s on the season Giancarlo is going back to Miami. Back to where it all began and where he played the first eight seasons of his career. And, where he hit 59 HR’s last season and took home the NL MVP… Before being traded to a real baseball team.

Miami needs to bring out the red carpet for Stanton. Play a tribute video, welcome him back tonight with open arms because he may put more than 17 people in the stands.

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Jeter needs to have the Yankees where their pinstripes and have it be Stanton bobble head (in NYY uniform) night in Miami. Because, let’s face it… It’s going to be a home series for Stanton and the Yankees, you will see maybe 12 Marlins fans in the stands.

Even Jeter will have a Yankee hat on. (If he’s even in the building.)

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As a team the Marlins are lucky it’s only a two game series because they are going to get pounded by the Yankees, who are looking to win four straight tonight. However, as a business they wish it was a 12 game series to actually fill the stadium and make money.

Giancarlo may get 10 at bats this series… He’s going to hit 20 HR’s with 47 RBI’s. He can do whatever he wants this series because he built that stadium (made the tax payers pay for it) left for a better team and like an Emperor he’s back to take over.

By the time this series will end Stanton will have a statue erected out front of the Marlins Park with him in pinstripes calling him Cesar Stanton The Great Conquerer!

Yes, Judge is out. Yes, Didi is out. But, there will be 37,000 Stanton and Yankees fans in that park both nights and he is going to mash baseballs and make Jeter (sorry I still love you) cry, then burn the damn place down when he leaves.

Get your popcorn ready… It’s gonna be a show!

-Kevin “That Guy”

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