Mets Lose Last Night In The Most Mets Way Possible

The fact that this steamy pile of dog shit known as the New York Mets just took 3 of 5 from my Phillies is gut wrenching. How does Major League Baseball even let this organization still exist? We need to bring EPL relegation to the MLB. Worst three teams in the league each year get relegated to the minors and the top three teams from the minors come to the big leagues. Only seems fair at this point.

For God sakes Jose Reyes still plays for this team. The guy was on the cover of a video game that is no longer made 10 years ago. My goodness. Not sure if I believe in heaven or hell but if reincarnation exist, no doubt in my mind people that live a bad life come back as Mets fans. Only punishment worst than hell.

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