Who Allowed Kimmy K Near A Dead Body

Daily Mail “The latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians saw her take it to dark heights — training to become a mortician after insisting she was ‘obsessed’ with death.

Kim, 37, was shown reading and researching makeup trips to make dead people look their best, even tricking mom Kris Jenner into laying down and playing dead so she could practice on her.

However, Kim was then hit by a hard reality as she visited a mortuary to learn from a professional — and feared she was about to be taken into a room to learn a real dead body.”

Who runs the world?? Kimmy K!!! This bitch can literally do anything. From getting pounded on camera by a D list rapper to the White House pitching ideas to the president to now just deciding she wants to help the dead. Mark my words people, she will be the leader of the free world one day. I hope when I’m dead Kimmy works on me. I bet you could charge people whatever you wanted and they’d pay it to have Kim work on them after their dead. It’s a trillion dollar idea. Fuck I hate how much I love her.


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