Mike Gundy Has His Own Prop Bet

Gambling as you all know is legal and we have our first must play of the college football season. Is it Alabama week 1? Nope, not a game at all. Is it a player prop bet on the Hiesman winner? Also wrong. What we have here is the classic Mike Gundy, why’dd you cut your mullet line. Thank you college football and thank you America!

Mike Gunday cut his mullet and the football universe isn’t the same. This is a must play. Even if you’re not a gambler this is too sweet of a bet to not get in on. Now the easy choice is wife, hence why it’s -250. Wives and girlfriends like to change men. They fall in love with men for who they want the m to be not who they are. They look at us as a mound of clay for their molding. So wife at -250 seems like a no brainer.

BUT, the real value here is sons at +500. That looks like easy money to me. “Hey dad cut your hair it’s lame af dude.” I can hear it now. Just mocking him on SnapChat and finally Mike just has enough and cuts it off. Get in on this right now. Might even need to bet $250 on the wife to win $100 and bet $100 on the sons to win $500. If the wife hits you break even, if the sons hit you make $250. Easy money people, easy money.

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