K-Fed Stealing A TON Of Money From Britney Spears

ENews! “Britney Spears has been ordered to pay ex-husband Keven Federline $110,000 in their ongoing child support battle.

This court order is just another chapter in the pair’s months-long battle over child support. In March, E! News confirmed that the father-of-two requested an increase in the $20,000 he receives each month, “given that the kids are older and the financial circumstances of the parties are significantly different than when the child support was originally resolved.”

So let me get this straight, K-Fed gets to bang Britney Spears, gets Ms. Spears pregnant and now makes over six figures a year? What am I doing wrong? $240,000 a year just because you got to bend over Britney in her prime. That’s honestly the greatest life ever. There are doctors out there saving lives everyday that don’t make as much money as fat Kevin Federline.

Britney’s net worth is over $220 million, so can she spare $240k a year? Sure. Does that make it right, not even close. K-Fed is basically a fat high school kid, little to no worries in the world while living off some one else’s teet. Amazing if you can pull it off. And once again how did he fall into all of this? Just a little pump and dump action in BRITNEY FUCKING SPEARS!!!


Lastly and really this isn’t even just about Britney and K-Fedtoomuch, it’s about all child support cases. Who in God’s name does it take 20k a month to raise a child? I don’t want all you letter of the law bitches coming out of the woodwork with the “it’s based on a percentage of income.” That is stupid, it cost the same to raise a kid whether you are a baller or not. So what if the kid can’t get extra cheese on his whopper, he’ll live. $240k a year to raise a child is off by about $220k.

Anyway here’s some more old school, smoke Britney Spears for you.

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