Friday Night Frights!!

Happy Weekend everyone! Who’s ready to kick it off with some shocking scares? I know I am. If you don’t know by now this is Matt H and I LOVE horror. I’m back for the second edition of my new weekly piece called, “Friday Night Frights”.

Long story short – I tell you what horror flick you should watch on Netflix this evening (or in general if you actually have friends and plans for Friday night) and rate it based on butthole puckers. Check out last weeks (here) if you haven’t yet.This week is a film that puts an interesting twist on the classic horror formula of home invasion. What if the main protagonist…is deaf?


This week’s movie is called “Hush”.

As I stated this film is a pretty basic horror genre (see “The Strangers” and “You’re Next”, both of which are great) but it adds a very interesting twist in that the main character, Maddie (played by Kate Siegel, who also helped write the screenplay) is as deaf as a Stevie Wonder is blind.

Throughout the movie we get little glimpses from her POV to understand how truly terrifying it would be to be in this circumstance. They do a great job fleshing out her character in the beginning (as well as throughout), so pay attention because little things are important! This movie is filled with tons of tension as well as a few fun jump scares. It also has some great, cringy, “ffffuuck that would suck” moments. To me, movies like this are truly frightening because there is more realism involved. I mean hell, The Strangers was based (albeit quite loosely) on a true story! Let’s not forget the impact a simple, yet creepy as fuck mask can have.

The movie is well acted by all involved and the cinematography is great. The way in which the writers have Maggie use her disability to her advantage is very well executed. From start to finish this movie very well made. The intro to the characters and scenery is brief, yet thorough and once the tomfuckery starts, it’s tense for the rest of the movie. Even in the “slowdown” moments. If you love home invasion/slasher style films, then this is a must watch for you. Log into your friends Netflix tonight and give this shit a watch.



Rating: 3.5 Butthole Puckers


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