You wanna know what really confuses me? Well I’m gonna tell you. When a really great television show is taken off the air. I understand ratings mean everything or the cast gets older and they can’t do it anymore BUT there are some shows that just disappear and no one knows why. 

In our Branded Sports group chat yesterday, in between busting each other’s balls, and discussing the game plan for the day, this topic arose and I decided to raise some awareness about a few shows I believe should make a come back. My hope is that you read this and think, “HOLY BALLS! I LOVED THAT SHOW!” 

  1. Celebrity DeathMatch 

This show on MTV was literally the most hilarious, immature and over exaggerated series and it fucking ruled! It was broadcasted on MTV from 1998 to 2002. The show features clay-animated versions of really annoying, but very popular celebrities who essentially fight to the death in a boxing ring. Most of the time the celebrities featured had issues or actual controversy in real life which made it even more entertaining. The funniest part about this show was this wasn’t an ordinary boxing match. They would fight would fight each other in the most vulgar, exaggerated and crazy ways which just made viewers laugh their asses off. 

Example 1: in episode 1 of the series, Howard Stern fights Kathy Lee Gifford. Howard Stern (known for his extremely out there personality) farts on Kathy Lee Gifford causing her to melt and she dies. That’s down right hysterical. 

Example 2: Jack Nicholson vs Leonardo DiCaprio. Jack Nicholson slams Leo’s face into the turnbuckle until his face caves into his skull. Leo survives the attack, but a riot breaks out when female DiCaprio fans saw what Jack had done to Leo’s face. What woman wouldn’t fight for Leo? His face is his money maker. 

Case and point-Celebrity DeathMatch ruled. I miss it and it needs to be revolutionized. What celebrity fights would you wanna see? Let me know on my twitter page after you read this. 

Celebrity DeathMatch
  1. Blind Date 

Oh my reality TV god, please bring back this car crash of a show. I SERIOUSLY COULD NOT LOOK AWAY. Why? Because it was the reality of first dates gone mostly bad. It aired from 1999 to 2006 and the host Roger Lodge deserves an award for his date commentary. The synopsis is pretty clear. Two people who didn’t know each other were set up on a blind date. The cameras followed their EVERY MOVE, while commentary in the form of subtitles, animations, and “thought bubbles” were added by the show’s producers. The thought bubbles were my favorite. Actually no I take that back. My favorite was when “Therapist Joe” would give his opinion on the participants in the date. “Therapist Joe says Andy’s neediness acts as love repellent.” The best thing about Blind Date was that most of the dates were horrible and unsuccessful so it was extremely comical to watch. A show like that lasting 8 seasons says something and this was before social media blew up so could you imagine if they brought this show back NOW? 

Blind Date
  1. Legends of the Hidden Temple 

LEGENDS OF THE FREAKING HIDDEN TEMPLE!!!! Come on!!! Not only was it my dream to be on this show, but I once was on a soccer team called The Green Monkeys and we kicked ass. That’s besides the point, this show was EVERYTHING. It aired from 1993-1995 which in I think the worlds opinion is way to short. You had to be 11-14 years old go try out for the show. Those trying out had to compete in several physical tasks, including rope climbing and running, as well as a written test. So yea this was no joke. I wish I could speak as a 31 year old right now and tell my friends when they brag about their doctorate degrees, “yeah well I was on Legends of the Hidden Temple when I was 12.” That would shut them up real quick! Did you know the set of the show was based on Indiana Jones? Well it was! Also, the goal was to be able to enter the temple where the talking head named Olmec led you though the temple where you had to complete tasks and collect historic artifacts without getting caught by one of the enemies. If you successfully built “the silver monkey” during your quest, you won. The teams competing to enter the temple were the Red Jaguars, Blue Barracudas, Green Monkeys, Orange Iguanas, Purple Parrots, and Silver Snakes. (Side note: this is an extremely popular Halloween costume for 90s kids who loved this show). Basically Legends of the Hidden Temple was a real life board game. And yes, we played board games back in the 90s because THAT WAS THE COOL THING TO DO. Nickelodeon- BRING THIS SHOW BACK NOW!

Legends of the Hidden Temple

That’s it. That’s my rant of the day. Have a great weekend and don’t forget to reminisce with me by watching all these shows on YouTube this weekend. PEACE!

Lemme know what you think on Twitter @moomer723


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