Bacon is Overrated.

Bacon is absolutely the most overrated breakfast food.  In fact, it’s possibly the most overrated food ever.Yeah, I said it, and I don’t care what you think.

Don’t get me wrong – bacon is good.  I might even say it’s tasty.  But, this ridiculous cult-type following it has is extremely unwarranted.  Bacon is The Beatles of breakfast foods.  They are good, but not the best ever.


People literally act like bacon is some miracle food that has been sent down from God to make our lives more delicious.

I’ll say it again… Bacon is good, but people need to give it a rest.  It is not the ‘best food ever’ like some people claim.  It’s not even the best breakfast meat ever.  I’ll break down my top 4 breakfast meats for you.  I would have done my top 3, but bacon didn’t even make the top 3, so I had to extend it.

The Danopticon

1. Scrapple.  Fuck, this stuff is sooo good.  I don’t even care what it’s made out of.  It is so scrumptious and so versatile.  You can put ketchup on it, you can put syrup on it.  You can put it in eggs, you can put it on eggs.  You can put it on a sandwich or you can eat it all by its lonesome.  Hard outside, soft inside – just like me.


2. Pork Roll.  Wow.  I’ll be honest, pork roll gave scrapple a run for it’s money, but at the end of the day, I decided pork roll is a strong 2.  Pork roll, egg, and chee on a long roll is one of my go-to’s.  Brown these little slices of salty pig up, and you have a tasty breakfast meat that won’t disappoint.


3. Sausage.  Now, there are a few types of sausage.  #3 is strictly sausage patties.  (sausage links are #5).  Patties are so damn good.  I mainly like them better than links because I hate when you bite into a link and your teeth have to pop through the casing.  Ugh, I can’t stand that.  Honestly, there are very few things that are more tasty than a forkful of French toast and sausage covered in syrup in one bite.

Wikipedia – Bacon

4. Bacon.  It’s good, but cant touch the above three breakfast meats.  I do give bacon some points because of its versatility and ability to be used at any meal time, but this list is strictly for breakfast meats.  It’s nearly impossible to find bacon that is cooked perfectly.  Sometimes it’s as crunchy as a potato chip, and other times it’s all floppy and chewy.

For the third and final time – bacon is good, but it is criminally overrated.

*DISCLAIMER* this list is strictly my opinion.  I’m not telling you what to think.  That being said – you’re an absolute idiot if you put bacon higher than #3 on this list.

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