87 Year Old Maniac Gets Tased

Martha Al-Bishara, an 87 year old grandmother was tased by the Chatsworth, GA police after not complying with commands. She claims she was just outside collecting dandelion leaves for a salad she makes for her husband. She used a knife to cut the plant and after police asked her to drop the knife she was tased. Seems like she’s the victim here, right? Wrong.

A few things here. First off she doesn’t speak English, I get that, but when the police point what looks like a gun at you, you just naturally put your hands up and drop whatever you have in your hands. She didn’t, which tells me only one thing, she intended on killing those officers. She saw an opportunity to murder and she wanted to take it. I hope those officers are doing alright.

Second thing that isn’t adding up here.  Why does she need a knife to pull a common garden weed? Don’t give me the “87 years old” bullshit either. If nana can get her ass outside with a knife and bend over to the plant then she has the strength to pull it too. This is nothing short of geriatric propaganda. These old people lull us to sleep with the “she’s so old, so sweet” and then BAM!! They murder us.

So in conclusion, I hope the officer involved has mentally recovered from this brutal attack. Next time you are around your grandparents, remember Martha Al-Bishara. Never let your guard down near these elderly versions of Charles Manson.

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