Ridiculous Reasons Why Roquan Smith is the Next Bears GOAT Linebacker

Growing up, a poster hung in my room from ESPN AM1000 that read “Decades of Dominance” with three Bears legends wearing fine-ass suits and Rolex’s standing over an obliterated Green Bay Packer. Check it out below:

Decades Poster

Photo: SMNCC.com

Those three monsters are Dick Butkus, Mike Singletary and Brian Urlacher. And when I eventually have little kids rooting for the Bears, I know Roquan Smith is the next one to be on that poster rocking a Versace suit and a gold Rollie.

People will say I have too too high of expectations, that I’m too excited too quickly – but I really don’t care. My optimism tank is at an all time high with Swaggy Nagy’s crew, which is why I’m giving you the reasons Roquan Smith is the next Chicago Bears GOAT linebacker.

The Butkus Connection


Photo: Neil Leifer

Smith was a recipient of the 2018 Dick Butkus Award, which is given to the best linebacker in college football. Wait, what team did Butkus play for? Oh, that’s right…Daaaaaa Bearsssss. Pretty obvious that this means he will be a Bears legend if he won THE award that honors the most tenacious linebacker in football history.

He is wearing #58

Smith Jersey

Photo: Fanatics.com

Smith will be donning #58 this year. Doesn’t seem like much, but think back to the numbers worn by great Chicago linebackers: Dick Butkus (51), Mike Singletary (50), Brian Urlacher (54) – all numbers in the 50s. Is this a stretch? Yeah, but I’m looking for any excuse why this former Georgia Bulldog will be the GOAT. Hell, even honorable mentions of Lance Briggs and Otis Wilson both donned #55. 10 years from now we will be remembering the greatness that is #58. Number in the 50s=automatic greatness.

He already hits like a legend 

The 6’1” 236-pound Smith may be smaller for today’s NFL linebacker, but he sure as shit knows how to already tackle. Butkus was known for making the opposing offense piss their pants with his bonecrushing hits. Mike Singletary put the fear of God into his opponents with his laser sharp eyes and nobody tackled sideline-to-sideline better than Brian Urlacher. Enter Roquan Smith – take a look at the video University of Georgia put together of his greatest hits from 2017 – this dude is ready to light up the NFC North.

Are these reasons ridiculous? Yes. But I’m too excited for football to start and Roquan Smith finally signed his contract. #BearDown

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