Patriots Get Super Bowl 39 Rematch in Week 2 of Preseason

We’re still about four months away from the Patriots first meaningful game on the schedule, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a little fun in a Super Bowl 39 rematch.

I am a big proponent of never playing Brady in the preseason. Same with Gronk, which Belichick seems to agree with. Great minds think alike. However, with the history of these two teams, it may be nostalgic for Tommy to be out there with the chance to relive the first incarnation of the Patriot’s dynasty.


Image via Boston Globe

There’s several serious questions surrounding this game that can be answered on Thursday night. The most important being will Philly take their shitty billboard back to what ever dumpster it was pulled from.

You can read all my thoughts on this billboard here, or if you want a Philly fan’s point of view, check out Ru’s blog on the word art sign. Spoiler alert: we both hate it.

The second question is will we see the second twin.

After not playing in the Pat’s first preseason game, the hoodie hinted that McCourty may be a little dinged up. If that was the case, it hasn’t stopped him from stepping in and doing something that always gives Bill a chubby during practice this week.

He was on special teams returning kicks.

It seems to have paid off.

If you’re attentive you’ll see that at 4pm on Sunday McCourty was returning the kick and by the next morning he had moved up the depth chart. The man knows how to play to the crowd, he’s no dummy.

Some favoritism, and nepotism, may win McCourty a job, but seeing him in game action will be a valuable eye test on whether or not he can actually fit into New England’s defense. Hopefully we get a little bit of that Thursday.

McCourty wasn’t the only noticeable absence from week one. First round pick OL Isaiah Wynn didn’t see the field either.

I think I know why.

This is something that Pats fans know all too well. When Cannon first went from guard to tackle during a Soldier injury, it was absolutely disgusting to watch him at right tackle. Even more so when he first had to play left tackle. After some time, Cannon adjusted and became a valuable starting tackle for Scarnecchia’s group last season.

Wynn is likely going through the same growing pains and throwing him out there simply to fail, and put the quarterback in danger, week 1 would have made no sense. Now we’re more than halfway through camp and he’s had time to work with the team and see more action in pads. I expect him to be out there in game two and make some mistakes, but show moments that leave everyone much more comfortable with Cannon’s injury.

As always, it’s all smiles all around at Gillette.


Image via Barstool Sports

One last thing, shoutout to the Gillette clean up crew. It’s going to take a week to get the smell of Philly trash out of the stadium. It’s a thankless job having to get rid of that stank and they deserve credit for being given an impossible task.

Feature Image via Boston Globe

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