As An Eagles Fan I Find The Eagles Billboard In Foxboro To Be The Lowest Moment In Eagles History

I have been an Eagles fan since as far back as I can remember.  I remember sitting on the couch watching the Eagles lose to the Rams in the NFC championship.  I remember watching the pick of McNabb get booed (Not McNabb himself.)  Hell I remember Rodney Pete being the “Savior” and getting injured so Ty Detmer took over and somehow took the Eagles to the playoffs.  I remember the good which I am lucky enough that in my 27 years on earth there has been a lot of good. I also remember the bad, however there has never been anything worse or more disgusting for this fan base and this city then this billboard put up in Foxboro.

Personally I don’t mind trolling, I enjoy it that is apart of sports.  I also like the terrible reputation of our fan base.  It’s a tough fucking city with tough people and a small minority go to far but hey, I dont really care how unsafe Vikings fans feel and I dont feel bad for them.  But this fucking billboard is so trash and so awful and disgusting.  It’s an embarrassment to the great city of Philadelphia and the great Philadelphia Eagles franchise.

First, It sucks.  The billboard is trash and it stinks it looks awful and nobody should have let this shit see the light of day.  I read on twitter that legal issues lead to the poor design but guess what, if the design was going to suck don’t fucking put it up.  If you’re going to put up a billboard to troll then make it look good, looks like the artist stuck a paintbrush up his own ass and painted it on top of someone elses ass.  It stinks, and I hate it and hate all responsible for it.

Second, why did it take until FUCKING AUGUST to get this up?  Maybe March maybe I could say oh well It’s right after I guess that funny I guess I can live with that, but August!?!?!? I got news folks, it’s a new season everyone 0-0 the Superbowl is over, it’s time to move on, on to next year!  The Pats have moved on, they don’t care about Superbowl 52 they care about Superbowl 53.  Not to mention SO DO THE FUCKING EAGLES!  The Eagles have moved on the Superbowl is over for them, they are onto Atlanta now, we aint the champs no more in my mind, I don’t want one ring I want 100!  This billboard makes it seem like we care about one?  The New England Patriots have 5, I want what they have, I don’t want to get it how they got it, I want to do it Doug’s way BUT, I want 5 rings.  Imagine if the Pats did that to us in ’04 we would be outraged.

Third, it is a DISGRACE to the entire fan base.  It’s an embarrassment a total and utter embarrassment I hate it and I have to be honest the fact that it’s from an Eagles fan in the Boston area who does not live here or near here and doesn’t really get it bothers me, I hate to say it but It does a little bit.  Everyone has a right to choose who they root for, I have a friend in Virginia who has been an Eagles fan as long as I have and he is as much from here as anyone.  But, someone who kinda just picked it up one day, nah I can’t let you get away with this crappy billboard.  Now  I read that it was a Patriots fan who made a bet to put the billboard up but I don’t care, once you win the bet go donate to charity or something don’t put up a shitty billboard and embarrass all of the people who are in this area, who didn’t become Eagles fans because they liked the colors, it’s a birthright!  Being an Eagles fan in this city in this area is a birthright, we are born into it, no way out of it it’s in our DNA, so you have no right to embarrass the people here with this epically bad billboard.

That is all I have to say about this topic, I am moving on from it and washing my hands of this.  I am onto Atlanta, I am onto the new season.  I can’t wait for this trash to be taken down and I hope a man or woman in Boston burns this shit to the ground.  I feel bad that a beautiful place and beautiful city has such trash being promoted in it, and I am sorry for that.  On behalf of the true green Eagles fans, this was bad, a bad troll with bad timing and bad art work.  Good luck this year, I hope to have a rematch in SB53 and beat you by 70.

God Bless

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