The Red Sox Extend Their Division Lead on Their Day Off

Gaining even half a game in the division usually is a big deal when you have the two best teams duking it out in mid-August. Without playing the Red Sox gained what would normally be a pivotal half game on the Yankees Monday night.

Because the Red Sox are the greatest baseball team ever assembled, nobody really cared about that half game, however. Big whoop, they’re up 10 games now instead of 9.5. That doesn’t get the blood flowing.

What does, however, is knowing this half game came at the hands of the lowly Mets in Yankee Stadium against the Yankees supposed ace, Severino.

But even his pathetic performance, which it was very pathetic, wasn’t the story of this one.

No, today the talk of the town should be how sad the Yankee fans have gotten.

Monday night, after DeGrom had tortured Yankee Stadium with his nasty stuff for over six innings, Yankee Stadium gave him a standing ovation.


Can you imagine playing for a team where the fanbase boos the home team and cheers for the opposition? It’s mind-boggling.

Listen, I know it’s hard for Yankee fans to accept that despite being the second best team in the league, they have no shot at their own division. But how will they even win the wild card if every home game is a road game?

Get it together Yankee fans. I thought the Bleacher Creatures were better than that.

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