Blu-ray Tuesday!

Ladies and Gents I am back with another Blu-Ray Tuesday MUST HAVE.

Today, the Marvel film we’ve waited a decade to see,  comes home. I imagine every nerd much like myself, will be grabbing this on their way home after work today. I am talking about non other, than the emotional fuckery that is “Avengers: Infinity War”.

Coming from the Russo Brothers and starring literally every fucker to ever be in a Marvel movie with the exception of people from “Antman”, I can’t stress enough how much everyone needs to see this movie. Whether you are still into superheroes or you were as a kid, this movie is what we’ve wanted from an epic superhero film for a long time. Am I going to sit here and say this is the BEST Marvel movie we’ve seen? No, I think not (looking at you Winter Solder, you sexy bitch), but it’s daaaamn close. This movie is fantastic because it works on two levels. One, is that right from the start it kicks you in the balls and doesn’t let up. It’s literally a 3 hour long climax and the past 18 movies consist of the rising action. However, the second is it also works well as a standalone film, from the perspective of Thanos. This really is his movie; his story. We haven’t learned much of him (not counting those who’ve read the comics) other than the brief post credit scenes that are now expected with every damn movie it seems (not just Marvel). This movie fleshes him out well and at times almost makes you feel for him and understand his motivations.

The action scenes in this are by far some of the best I’ve ever seen. From the close hand to hand combat, to the massive battles, everything is choreographed, performed and edited amazingly well. The action isn’t the only redeeming thing about this movie, either. There’s tragedy (no I will not spoil for those who’ve been living under a rock for 3 months), comedy (Thor meets the Guardians of the Galaxy…all I’m sayin), and heart to this movie. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, hell you might even sport a halfie and have to utilize your waist band; be it from the hotness of the cast on screen or the epicness of the battles. Just when you might be thinking “Ok, these super hero movies are kinda starting to get old, we want something new”, the Russo’s find a way to keep us wanting more. Part 2 is set to come out next year, and I don’t think there was a single person who saw it and didn’t say, “What the fucking fuckity fuck how am I supposed to wait a year?! Damn you Russo brothers!!!”. That, or they just sat in their car and cried after leaving the theater.

When I say this is must see for the whole family, I can’t stress that enough. Kids and adults will both love this film. So, after work today, I suggest you swing by your favorite retailer (all generally priced the same, or Best buy has a sweet special edition 4k Steel Book) and grab this for some great family viewing tonight. Your kids will be amazed, and I hope your inner child is too!


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August 21, 2018 3:01 pm

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