11-20 Top Fictional Sports Teams of All Time!

Ok, ok, ok! I’ve gotten a ton of feedback on my top 10 Fictional Sports Teams of All Time. Some people say it was spot on, some people say I am way off. But, everyone is asking for more! “10 isn’t enough! That’s such a hard list to do, make it to 20!”

DISCLAIMER: For all the idiots and morons saying you forgot The Remember the Titans team! No, that’s a real high school and was a real team. Coach Carter’s Team.. Again based on a real team. The team in Hoosiers, again a real story. I am talking Fiction, I linked it to the definition for those of you who are confused.

Yes it was extremely hard. But, ok I will extend my list to 20, ya happy now? If for some reason you didn’t see my Top 10, Check it out Here.

As a review I had, 10. Little Giants. 9. Bad News Bears. 8. Tune Squad. 7. Average Joe’s. 6. West Canaan Coyotes. 5. Cleveland Indians. 4. Sandlot Team. 3. Miami Sharks. 2. Dillon Panthers. 1. Mighty Ducks.

So here is 20 down to 11:

20. Springfield Nuclear Power plant Softball Team.

Yes, a cartoon team. We all have played or play softball. Many of us on work teams perhaps? So you can relate to them. They are a bunch of misfits. I mean they won the 1992 championship and check this lineup: Roger Clemens, Jose Canseco, Ozzie Smith, Donny Baseball, Wade Boggs, Ken Griffey Jr, Darryl Strawberry and Homer Simpson. ALL. TIME. GREAT.

19. Flint Tropics.


18. Charlestown Chiefs.

The town stinks. The team stinks. But the brothers rule. The Chiefs had been terrible for years until the Hanson brothers show up and raise all hell! The coach completely changes style and they become the most violent hockey team of all time!

17. New York Knights.

Another terrible team. Not going anywhere. Not winning games. But then a savior arrives. Roy Hobbs comes back to baseball after 16 years as a rookie and joins the New York Knights. After years of losing the Knights start winning! Hobbs also hits the most epic home run in baseball history.

16. Improv.

It’s a softball team with Jerry and George. What else is there to say? BEAT ROCHELLE ROCHELLE!!


15. Rockford Peaches.

An all female baseball team. No not a softball team. A baseball team. These girls are legit ballplayers that took over when the boys fought in WWII. Rosie O’Donnell and Madonna lead this team to victory. Lead by an all time head coach in Tom Hanks. “THERES NO CRYING IN BASEBALL”

14. Team Iceland.

Let me start with.. USA USA USA!! Damn right the USA Ducks brought you down. But, Team Iceland was a badass team. Coached by a badass dentist. “Two minutes? Well worth it!”

13. Cornfield Ghost Team.

He built it.. And they came. What is better than backyard baseball? Backyard baseball on a regulation field with a bunch of dead former big leaguers! Shoeless Joe Jackson leads the squad out of the cornfield everyday to put on a show and remind us why baseball is America’s Past Time!

12. South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs

Coach stinks. QB stinks. Team stinks. But, they have the secret ingredient to success… H20! The Waterboy is the most fearsome fictional football player I have ever seen. Mama thinks foosball is the Devil’s work, well I think God gave us football and players like the Waterboy to kick some ass and help us hydrate at the same time! Captain insano shows no mercy!


11. Washington Sentinels.

Shane Falco is one hell of a QB. Doesn’t listen to the rules of no dating the cheerleader (who’s also a stripper) but hell he’s a QB. Add an insane linebacker, a cig smoking kicker, Sumo lineman all coached by Gene Hackman.. (That’s 3 teams he coached in this list.) Yup, that’s not a strike team that’s America’s Team.

-Kevin “That Guy”

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August 14, 2018 12:14 pm

Milwaukee beers they were the greatest BASEketball team ever